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Smart Company Growthis a boutique consulting firm that serves small to mid-size businesses, predominantly firms engaged in the professions.  Conceived and founded by Karl Walinskas, former executive from assorted small businesses, Smart Company Growth provides business strategies that provide firms with a true competitive advantage now, establishing uniqueness and value through their online presence.  Here are some of the vertical markets we serve:

  • Legal Practices
  • Accounting
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Realtors
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Business Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Medical Practices & Doctors

Plus a lot more!

Smart Growth

So what do we mean by smart growth?  From a satellite high above the business stratosphere, business is pretty simple.  We’ve developed a formula that shows how business operates globally:

Sales – Costs = Profits

“Wait just a minute!  I’ve seen this before,” you say.  Of course.  Every businessperson who’s ever laced up his boots or her dress to go to work in the morning has.  Top Line minus Expenses equals the holy Bottom Line!  Here’s the problem.  Most of us have become conditioned to Growth equating to Sales, and not only Sales, but rapid, out-of-your-mind, triple digit sales increases that will land you as a CEO on the cover of Fast Company or the Inc 500.  That’s how these magazines measure growth, and rapid growth means, you’re cool, hip, and on the way to billionaire status.  Sales at any Cost!

Uh-huh.  You may remember the heat that Tom Peters took 20 years after the release of In Search of Excellence, where a good number of the heralded companies were either out of business or on very hard times.  Any takers on where this year’s Inc 500 will be in a decade?  5 years?  These are just facts of life in the modern economy.  What got you here won’t keep you here.  The main question is, where will your business be in 10 years?

Smart Company Growth is in business to care for the top line and help you spark your sales, but doing so while decreasing your cost of sales, insulating your business against obsolescence with diverse revenue streams and market strategies, and leveraging every resource you have to do it.

What about expenses?  These tend to be the red headed stepchildren of every small business that prodigally returns to make life as you know it a living hell!  Smart Company Growth helps contain and manage those costs using low-cost or no cost efforts that will save most small businesses tens of thousands of dollars and generate a few more margin points.

We focus on both sides of the business formula, both Sales and Costs, because in the end, your Smart Business Growth is about just one thing—Profits.


The mission of Smart Company Growth is to help client companies grow sustainable profits by leveraging the best strategies to lower the cost of qualified leads.

If we can serve as a sounding board, strategic partner, and virtual tentacle of our customers to ignite their sales and control expenses in direct proportion or better, we will succeed.  That mission is the filter for all engagements that we take on, governs how we manage projects, and is the central focus of our deliverables at the end of the day.

Genesis of Smart Company Growth

So how did Smart Company Growthget started?  It is the brainchild of founder Karl Walinskas, an experienced small business Executive tired of watching every service industry in the world pay homage to the Fortune 500, going after the deep pockets so they can charge ridiculous prices for their cookie cutter services.  Who gave a rip about small companies and could actually provide them with world class but affordable services?  Click here to learn more.

Virtual Business Model

Besides seeing and experiencing the underserved needs of small companies, Karl was also tired of driving, flying and wasting up to 33% of his productive career in some type of vehicle or another while simultaneously swelling the stock price of Maxwell House, Coca Cola, and 5 Hour Energy!  Somebody has to pay for that travel in the world economy and then pass it along to their customers.  Presto!  We behold the Virtual Business.  Read more.


Karl Walinskas (Wuh-lin’-skus) is just your average small businessman, chief cook, bottle washer and dog walker living the dream every day.  Wanna know details?