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How to Catapult Your Blog to Stardom

Guys and Ladies, you’re going to love this Vlog post.

This week I had the opportunity to interview Chris Ducker, President and CEO of the Live2Sell group of companies based in the Philippines, and evil originator of the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog.  This 15 month old blog that started as a personal mission statement for Chris now has over 11,000 fans on Facebook, 13,000 Twitter followers, and gets about 15,000 readers a month. This post gives you some insight as to how he did it and how you can get started.

Side Gig?  Make it Two Main Gigs

Chris’ main business has been a virtual outsourcing firm with over 250 employees, providing telemarketing and Virtual Assistant services to companies in the US, Asia, the UK (where Chris stems from, I’m sure you cannot guess) Australia and everywhere else.  In an effort to take charge of his free time and his life, the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog was born as a totally separate entity; a side gig, if you will.

Well, Live2Sell is still killing it for Chris, but the VBL blog is crushing it too in ways Chris never imagined.

Video Interview – Blogs & Outsourcing Strategy

So what does Chris have to share with small business?  His two main things, building blogs and extending your leverage with outsourcing.  This video is 40 minutes long and contains some of my ramblings and musings, but is packed with Chris’ energy, enthusiasm and tips that will teach you:

  1. How to create a lifestyle instead of working a boring, humdrum, wanna kill yourself job.
  2. The key decision you need to make about your blog content.
  3. Whether your blog should stand alone or service your business website
  4. How to leverage other leaders in the space and build confidence, knowledge, and traffic.
  5. How to save your time and use the lower priced talent of virtual employees
  6. What kinds of virtual employees can free up your time and drive success

Well?  Told you you’d like it!

How Is Your Small Business Blog Doing?

If you don’t have a business blog that provides information to your business customers and prospects, let me suggest you’re behind the curve, but IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO ENGAGE!

Is your business blog getting traffic to your site?  Are your posts getting ranked on Google and the other search engines the way you’d like?  Is your average time per visit increasing, at least on your blog?  Are people reading the darn thing?!

If not, perhaps you need some help in getting going.  If you’ve read Chris’s VBL blog and this one, you know that writing style has a lot to do with engaging readers.  I consider this blog pretty capable, and the number of links and RSS feeds I get along with Google rankings tell me I’m not alone.  It’s more than chosing the right keywords (though that’s important); it’s about information imparted to your readers to help them solve problems and add value, written in a way that entertains and informs.  As pro-blogger John Chow says, “Write for your readers, not Google.”

If you need some help developing your blog, getting it on WordPress or another blogging platform, and actually creating compelling content that gets read and indexed for top SEO pull, visit our Ghost Blogging and Article Marketing page.

Are You Leveraging Outsources for Cost Benefits?

Reading my blog you have heard me talk about the benefits of strategic outsourcing, particularly in tough, uncertain times.  Chris talks about outsourcing in the video and his business is testimony to the fact that tons of American businesses are leveraging outsourcing to their advantages.  He’s the expert at telemarketing and VAs.  Smart Company Growth doesn’t dabble in those and I defer to Chris and specialists in that field.

What we can do is help you with interim Virtual Sales Management, Project Management, and Negotiaton (savings based commissions) that keep dollars in your pocket and get the job done effectively.  Check out Your Virtual Resources here.

You can interact with Chris here or on the VBL blog.  Post your reactions below.

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