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Control Your Brand Conversation or Be a Part of It

your online brand, brand hijackThe domain of brand communication has changed significantly over the years. Customers have truly emerged as the ones who wield influence more than what advertising can do for organizations. It is no longer possible for organizations to cover up the low points of a product with media blitzkreig. Even online reputation management methodologies fail if people choose to voice their opinion against a product and such content subsequently goes viral over the internet.

Organizations are left with no choice but to adapt their marketing strategies to the prevailing business environment and the changes brought about by the new media. There are ways through which an organization can capitalize on the changes that social media has brought about. Being a part of the conversation can actually bring the control in the hands of the organization till the time it recognizes its customers’ concerns. Incorporate the following into your brand communication strategy.

1. Engage with customers on social media

An organization glossing over the features of a product does not work anymore. It is the people who influence the decision of potential buyers. Reviews from people can be countered with planted positive reviews but one cannot escape the impact of interaction among people. Tweets, Facebook posts and sharing on other social networking platforms set the ball rolling for the sales prospects of a product. In such a scenario, an organization can counter the claims only by a strong social media presence and by working towards gradually building on customer trust. Make sure your product meets the expectations of your target customer segment.

2. Make people a part of your marketing campaign

This ensures good initial sales and creates a buzz around the product wherein people are an integral part of the campaign. This gets your product noticed on social media and increases product visibility.

3. Accept issues and recall products when needed

Honesty works best in case of a controversy. Be sincere in acknowledging a failure. Compensate the customers appropriately and replace the products to ensure that people are not wary of opting for your organization’s products again in the near future. Give discounts if needed.

4. Blog for a greater say in the buzz around your product

Blogging gives you the control when it comes to information on your product. Build a blog community to let people voice their opinion in your favor.

5. Provide good services to gain from customer trust

In the times when customer trust can make or break a business’s long term prospects, organizations need to focus on customer retention by providing services in keeping with the terms and conditions as agreed upon. Ensure that customers feel valued for their association with your organization.

Advertising may still be important to large organizations but social networking platforms can bring instant fame or infamy to a product. Organizations need to work towards making the most of the benefits that come with such a scenario but equally inevitable is the preparedness to contain the damage that can come about if an issue blows out of proportion all thanks to the attention it receives on social media. The virtual world leaves no room for escape. Acceptance and change is the key to success.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on gizmowatch. These days she is busy in writing an article on bornrich.

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