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5 Ways to Handle Complaining Customers When They’re Wrong

Customer complaints, handling customer complaintsLet’s face it, when it comes to dealing with clients, we all know that customer is king. However, that doesn’t mean that we should compromise when they’re wrong. We should be reasonable in complying with their demands and at the same time, be able to provide them with service and information that is useful to them.

In this article, we will discuss steps on how to provide excellent after sales support services to your clients.

Important Steps in Handling Complaining Customers

 1. Practice Empathy

 When a customer is dissatisfied with your service or product, it’s important that you know how it is to be on his or her side of the fence. The more you respond negatively, the more that the issue won’t be solved. The important thing you need to do is listen to their complaints attentively and list down all the major issues that need to be addressed. Think about all the possible solutions that can help you fix the problem.  If you can’t solve the problem immediately, at least have a time frame on addressing problems in a timely manner. Look at the problem from the customer’s perspective to gain better insight on the situation.

 2. Get the Whole Picture

 When customers call your attention, it’s them trying to tell you their side of the story. Try not to get too carried away with their complaints. When it comes to sales support services, you should take the time to get a grasp of the overall situation before responding back. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, but do not make empty promises. The business you’re supporting may not be perfect in providing the best quality of products of services, yet there are times where the customers are in the wrong. The customer might just have overlooked something over the course of the transaction so it’s up to you to politely enlighten him.

 3. Don’t Fight

 Hearing raised voices from customers is inevitable. In a call center setup, for example, call center agents receive more irate customer calls than satisfied ones by 20:1. To handle irate customers, you can only defend your side if you are 100% sure that you have the facts straight. Just remember that there’s no need to pick a fight. Always respect the caller and discuss her concerns calmly. Fighting with her will only exacerbate the situation and heighten the anger.

 4. Be Thankful

 Maintaining a grateful stance will always bring positive results. When customers sense that you are being positive about listening to their complaints, not only will they feel better, they’ll also be more responsive to your reasoning. No need to be sarcastic, just be real in expressing positive feedback. Regardless of whether the response is good or bad, always think of it as a means for your business to move forward. Always acknowledge their effort.

 5. Be Professional

 Customer complaints are not meant to attack you personally, so don’t take it as such. You won’t be able to please all customers all the time. If they are obviously wrong, you can point them to another direction by politely suggesting alternatives. No business is perfect, even profitable ones, and customers aren’t perfect either. Maintain professionalism at all times.

 Summing Up the Complaint Process

 Your Sales support services should focus on tackling cases one at a time so you can give each one adequate attention. Receiving and handling complaints is a serious task that is performed well by listening, carefully understanding the customer’s concerns and resolving the issues without conflict. Dealing with complaints properly is a key way for a business to strengthen their relationship with customers and thrive into the future.

 About the Author

+Sheine Austria is a professional writer whose passion is digital media, technology and blogging. She also used to do some photography in her college days in College. Sheine is also a single mother, when she gave birth to her daughter, she decided to transfer to California and discover her future there.

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