Making Sales a Science: Sales Analytics

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The story of Moneyball, General Manager Billy Bean’s use of analytics to create a continually competitive baseball team in Oakland on a shoestring budget, is famous in business circles as an analogy to explain the fascinating use of big data to drive results. But just what do you measure when it comes to improving your sales, and how exactly do you do it? Read More…

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Tapping Your Sales Network: 5 Myths That Need Busting

sales network, contact network, networking tips, networking mythsAnyone directly or indirectly involved in company sales knows that long-held truth that the bigger your personal network, the more opportunities you’ll get for your company.  The challenge comes when we lose sight of the distinctions about how to effectively tap a personal network, resulting in no additional sales and weakening the network.  So what should you watch out for?  Here are five myths about using your network for sales and how to do it the right way. Read More…

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Resurrecting Repeat Business with Stale Client Accounts

Have you been having a good year selling?  Maybe you’ve had a good couple of years, landing new accounts faster than your office buddies can parrot, “Whazzzzuppppp!”  Great.  How healthy is your repeat sales pipeline?  You know, the sales where existing clients come to you for more of your stuff (goods or services), where the cost of the sale is much lower because rapport and trust were already established, the easy sales.  You’re hesitating.  Do you mean to tell me that your repeat sales pipeline isn’t full?  How embarrassing for you. 

Don’t feel so bad.  Sometimes we all get so busy prospecting and closing new deals that we neglect current accounts or even lose once solid business because we haven’t paid that customer a visit in a while.  This business need not be lost forever.  Here are a few quick tips to get your foot back in the door of lost accounts and open the floodgates to your repeat sales pipeline. Read More…

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Getting Out Of Sales Tracking Nirvana With Online CRM Software

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Embarking on a business means taking chances and willing to make sacrifices, but many entrepreneurs are still willing to take the plunge, maybe the appeal lies is becoming your own boss or building something for your family. Unfortunately, what you’re most likely to find is reduced income, more work hours and addtional stress. This is the main reason for you to employ systems such as an online CRM software – to improve efficiency, reduce costs and earn higher profits. Read More…

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Proposals that Get the Business: Steps to Better Proposal Writing

If you’re in business, you’re in sales, whether you realize it or not.  Unless all you ever do is hawk dime store widgets by attractively positioning them on shelves, there will come a time in your life where you need to write a business proposal of some kind.  Business proposals are always used to persuade someone to take action on something that you have.  You want to convince a prospect to purchase some system or service, or convince a loan officer to give you money because you think you can invent the cure for cancer, or you want the school district to invest in your innovative approach to developing kids.  Your project proposal writing skills will shorten the distance between effort and paying customers. Read More…

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Channels of Persuasion

Persuasion and listening are funny things.  I was on vacation in Ocean City, MD one summer with my wife and a few friends long before I lived at the beach.  We were golfing along the shore at a course called Eagle’s Landing—a pretty tough little public course.  It was hot and humid.  I was hitting the ball pretty well, but my wife wasn’t having a stellar day.  The temperature, course conditions, and cart path only rule were getting to her, and I had a feeling that I’d better clear out or risk her wrath.  I’d been down the road before of offering advice on her game, even when solicited, and didn’t want to get caught in that quagmire again.  Read More…

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The 4-Letter Word You Can Say on TV

When I was a kid, way back in the seventies, a rather infamous comedian named George Carlin had a bit on profanity about the seven words you can’t say on television. Funny how times change. Half of them are heard regularly on prime time now, and the rest are surely making regular appearances on the cable networks. I’m not going to tell you what they are because this is a professional column and frankly, I don’t remember them all. Go get George’s CD.

In business, I’ve noticed a dirty word that many “professionals” don’t dare utter either, especially when describing themselves and what they do. Curious? The word is a verb with highly negative connotations that have been heaped upon it over the years. It rhymes with hell, which is where many people think they will reserve their room in if they engage in this practice. It is of course, sell. That’s S – E – double hockey sticks – SELL. Read More…

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Discovering Consultative Sales: B2B Selling Process Tips

In 2011 and beyond, the art of selling has gotten a lot more complicated.  The public has become conditioned to having their own ice cream flavors and stars named after them.  This can’t help but translate to the decision makers in business.  With so much emphasis on “ME”, you need to learn what the customer wants specifically by Discovering Consultative Sales, vital to the B2B Selling Process.

Picture this: you are at your best prospect’s company trying to find sales for your products and services.  You’re dressed to kill in your best suit; even the coffee stain you got this morning when gesturing to a passing motorist is camouflaged in your paisley tie.  You’re ready.  Then why are you so nervous when you begin your presentation, sensing failure with this prospect like you’ve seen so many times before?  Why don’t you believe she’ll see the value in what you’ve got to offer?  It could just be because you are forcing the B2B selling process instead of discovering sales opportunities.  There is a critical difference.

Like you, I believe I am always selling something.  I’ve rationalized that SELL is not a four-letter word in the colloquial sense.  Read More…

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