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What Aren’t You Hearing? 3 Steps to Better Listening

Remember when you were back in grade school and you played the message game with your classmates.  You know the one.  The teacher whispered a message into the ear of little Janie at the beginning of the first row.  Janie whispers it to Bobby, who’s sitting behing her.  Bobby tells Laura, and so on, and so on, until the message worked its way to the other side of the room.  Finally the class derelict, Petey, has to stand up and tell the class the message.  When he confidently says, “Godzilla wears dentures so that he won’t bite his toenails after a walk through the muddy forest,” the class howls with laughter.  You do too, because you were in the middle of the classroom, and you knew damn well that the message actually dealt with King Kong’s shoes that were so tight that he got bunions from them.  Stupid Petey.  Then the teacher writes the original message that she gave Janie on the blackboard, and suddenly you didn’t feel so superior to that little delinquent Petey anymore.

What happened?  Well, a little slice of human nature came into play that I’ll call preferential listening. Read More…

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