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Make Your Content Relevant & Blow Up Your SEO

Adwords Keyword Tool, relevant content, seo writingContent is King

As a small business owner or entrepreneur trying to expand your online target and get noticed, I’m sure you are aware of the importance of new, fresh, recurring content on your website of all types.  When it comes to written content on page copy or blogs and articles, you need to be able to write well, inform and entertain, that’s a given.  That’s for your audience.  But if you can’t write as well for Google and the other search engines to optimize your content for Search Engine Marketing, you are the proverbial tree in the forest that falls when no one else is around.  This post provides an often talked about yet misunderstood tool to help you make your content relevant and explode your SEO online.

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Target Your Audience: 3 Ways to Win at Speaking in Public

This post is written for paid professional speakers but the tips below apply just as well to business presentations.

I’d bet that you could be a pretty good speaker.  You may even be one now.  Say your prayers, practice every day, and repeat motivational self-talk and you’ll get a standing-O every time you speak before a group, right?  Wrong!  The days of giving the same talk to audiences repeatedly and getting laudatory reviews are gone for all but the celebrity orator.  You and I, business presenter or professional speaker, will have to do what every other businessperson is learning the hard way to do in the global economy—customize.  That’s right, each talk must be specifically tailored to the group you’re speaking to. Read More…

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Grease the Signs: 3 Ways to Prevent Your Company From Being Ripped Off

Small Business can take a lesson from grass roots political operatives in 2012 and take steps to limit the risk that competitors will be eating their lunch by mid-year by literally stealing their lunch.  So how do you stop competitors from copying your good practices and ideas or co-opting them for their own, engaging in corporate theft?  You need to grease the signs. Read More…

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The Fab Five of Winning Business Presentations

winning business presentations, presentation skills, presentation tipsHave you ever been to a presentation for your industry, possibly at a seminar that couldn’t hold your attention no matter how hard you listened?  Of course you have.  Did you feel guilty because you knew that the information was important to you, but you didn’t retain a thing anyway?  End the guilt.  Forgive yourself.  It wasn’t your fault, but that of a boring, stiff presenter who was supposed to hold your interest in the subject.  As a member of the audience your job is to be courteous to the speaker and show proper respect, but you can’t breathe life into a dead presentation.  It is incumbent upon the presenter to make his material interesting and fun for the audience.  Read on to learn the top five simple presentations skills tips for fabulous business presentations. Read More…

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5 Powerpoint Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Presentation

presentation mistakes, presentation errors, powerpoint mistakesWARNING!  CAUTION!  BE AFRAID—BE VERY AFRAID!  There’s a trap out there lurking for the guy or gal who presents ideas, whether it’s the fledgling business presenter or the professional speaker, and it will kill your speech faster than pungi sticks take their toll on the unwary boar.  “What is this fierce trap?” you ask, trembling, not sure if you really want an answer.  It is one of the most  stealthy, sinister, and downright evil pieces of technology ever to sabotage imprudent presenters—Powerpoint (hereinafter referred to as AV or any computer presentation technology resembling Powerpoint). Read More…

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6 Steps to Spit-Shining Your Professional Resume

Professional Resume Writing need not be left to the thousands of consultants out there who will do it for you.  With a little effort and zero expense, you can improve your professional resume to give yourself a fighting chance in this hyper-competitive job market. Read More…

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True Competitive Advantage for Professional Service Firms

business competitive advantage, true competitive advantageWhat defines competitive advantage in the marketplace?

That question has a lot of layers to it, but for service providers engaged in high- value professional services like consulting, tax accounting, financial planning and insurance firms, you can boil it down to a few simple answers.

To understand what true competitive advantage for professional service firms is, let’s first take a look at what it isn’t. Read More…

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How to Give Technical Presentations without Boring Your Audience to Death!

You’re sitting in the audience at a medical practitioners conference. The speaker is droning on about the latest therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome and dumping data on you like you’re a Cray supercomputer. You don’t care because you’ve already tuned out and are drawing pictures of the back of the guy’s head who’s seated in front of you. You laugh at your caricature that makes the part in his hair look like the butt of a rhinoceros. Frustration sets in when his head flops down on the writing surface before him, robbing you of your muse and forcing you to finish the pastel from memory. Read More…

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5 Ways to Ask for that Raise in a Recession

I usually post to business owners, but this one is for you mid-line managers out there and members of the unwashed rank and file who cannot make your own pay–or can you?  Even in a recession people who know the secrets are asking for, and getting, the raises they deserve.  I’ll start you with a little story that is absolutely true.  I wouldn’t lie to you.

I’m walking through the grocery store the other day with my buddy Wayne.  Wayne is looking distraught—gloomy even.  I ask Wayne what the problem is, wearing a concerned look on my face. Read More…

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Monitoring Your Online Business Reputation in 3 Easy Ways

In the media driven culture that is modern society, the most important currency your small business can trade on is the equity built by your company business reputation.  Stock prices rise and fall as a result of it, and the media tipping point is reached at alarming speed for either good and bad praise or vitriol about companies worldwide.  The first step to controlling your online business reputation is to be able to monitor what is being said about you, by whom and how often.  If it’s all good, it’s all good friends.  Business worldwide both large and small duel every day using the double-edged, sword of Internet power.  You need to know about the poison comments too, and of course, if nothing is being said about your business online, well, that is a problem in and of itself. Read More…

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