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Creating Loyal Customers Free of Charge

Business customer service success really isn’t as hard as we make it out to be.  This week’s post is a little reminder about things we all know and usually forget, and they can be worth millions to your business bottom line.  Read More…

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What Aren’t You Hearing? 3 Steps to Better Listening

Remember when you were back in grade school and you played the message game with your classmates.  You know the one.  The teacher whispered a message into the ear of little Janie at the beginning of the first row.  Janie whispers it to Bobby, who’s sitting behing her.  Bobby tells Laura, and so on, and so on, until the message worked its way to the other side of the room.  Finally the class derelict, Petey, has to stand up and tell the class the message.  When he confidently says, “Godzilla wears dentures so that he won’t bite his toenails after a walk through the muddy forest,” the class howls with laughter.  You do too, because you were in the middle of the classroom, and you knew damn well that the message actually dealt with King Kong’s shoes that were so tight that he got bunions from them.  Stupid Petey.  Then the teacher writes the original message that she gave Janie on the blackboard, and suddenly you didn’t feel so superior to that little delinquent Petey anymore.

What happened?  Well, a little slice of human nature came into play that I’ll call preferential listening. Read More…

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How to Lose Your Customers in 10 Simple Ways

Plenty of success stories and proven processes are out there regarding Customer Service strategy and tactics.  That’s why it confounds me that there still exist companies that seem motivated to degrade, separate, piss off and just lose their customers.  I got to thinking that maybe a number of you small business owners may want the same results.  Those  customers can be a royal pain in the butt, with their annoying little credit card transactions and product questions, making you have to produce more goods and deliver on services.  This post is for you, Mr. Small Business Owner trying to ditch his customers.  Learn and implement this stuff and you can just chuck it all and go retire to Bermuda and spend your time drinking Mai Tais by the pool and eating Conch.  Here’s your top 10 best practice list to get rid of customers in a hurry! Read More…

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Monetizing Your Small Business Blog

This is a guest post to the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Creating and running a blog is not a hard task to accomplish. In addition, driving traffic to your blog is not that difficult either. Blog monetization appears to be the thing that bloggers find difficulty with these days. The intent of this article is to help you find the best ways possible to make money on your blog. Read More…

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Top 3 Facebook Post Submission Tips

This is a guest post on the best use of Facebook to engage followers and motivate action.

Facebook has turned into one of the most rapidly developing social network platforms, plus they are also turning into the center of attention for Internet marketers who are making the most out of the fan pages on that site so they can reach their intended audience. If you want to become successful with Facebook fan pages, the most important thing you need to do to get a lot of fans to notice you is to put together posts that actually have some significance.   Below we’ll be sharing some simple suggestions that you can make use of without delay for coming up with influential posts for Facebook and maximize them. Read More…

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Email Writing Refresher for Business Success

No discussion of business communication today would be complete without dealing with the most popular method of trading arguments today—email.  Email has replaced casual conversation as the most common means of exchanging business information, telling jokes, and spreading gossip.  Texting is giving it a run to be sure.  Whether the email you author travels the cyber-path if the Internet, or remains confined to your company intranet (internal network), there are six key things you should know about cyber-letter-writing so you can become truly productive on the job. Read More…

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Smart Company Growth CEO Karl Walinskas Featured in Inc. Magazine

This is the shortest blog post you’ll ever see and it is shamelessly self-promotional.

Check out my interview with Inc. Magazine on using Video Interviews to screen job candidates, with tips for both candidates and hiring authorities on money saving, preparation, and execution.

Oh yeah, there are some other experts quoted too :-)

I told you it would be short.

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Business Reports that Demand Attention

Bad business reports don’t attract the reader’s eye, they neither inform nor entertain, and worst of all, they don’t get action.  Don’t let the author of the next bad report in your company be you.

Have you ever been forced to read through a business report that was so boring you had to prick yourself with a pin every two minutes to avoid fading into blissful states of unconsciousness.  Maybe you didn’t stick yourself in time and your head hit the desktop, allowing a bit of drool to seep onto the report.  Guilt immediately sets in because you know that the author worked hard on the thing and that the subject matter is important.  Too bad for that guy, because the other key readers of his report won’t be as sympathetic as you—they’ll just line their birdcages with it.  You silently chuckle and form an evil grin at the thought—bird cage liner—funny stuff.  The grin gets wiped off of your face in an instant when a second thought enters your brain—you have a report due next week to give to the same bunch.  What will you do—WHAT WILL YOU DO?! Read More…

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Customer Complaints Make or Break Your Online Business Reputation

If you’ve got customer complaints, sing “Hallelujah!” because they are telling you how to fix your business model.  The way you handle them will determine in large part your business reputation, and with online chatter harder to control than at any time in human history, your success starts with your customer complaint response.

As my business expands I am re-engaging e-commerce, at least my miniscule version of it, by selling my tapes (now downloads) and books on my website along with standard services to help small businesses.  Years ago this process was more complex, and involved setting up what’s called a merchant account, and to do this you need information from the bank; basic stuff—routing numbers, federal taxpayer ID number, et al.  This is where today’s little tale of woe begins.  Read More…

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Three Rules of Management Communication


Communicating as a Leader in your company is to take a daily exam on life, and you’d better know the rules.  Fail that leadership communications test and you’ll wonder where the productivity went as your company pays for it in lost profits.

Two days ago I came home from the office feeling invigorated and alive.  Five minutes talking with my wife changed all that.  Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I don’t like talking with my wife.  She was upset because of what happened to her at work, and after hearing about it, I was a bit miffed as well. 

My wife works at a part salary, part commission job selling advertising for a local publication.  She had gone to the office that day anticipating the biggest commission check of her career, and had left home in the morning salivating like one of Pavlov’s famous pooches.  Upon picking up her check, she found it a bit light and did some investigating.  As it turned out, the big guy had changed the commission plan overnight without telling the sales associates.  Read More…

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