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Small Business Effectiveness: Kill Distractions & Focus

Yesterday I told you about target strategic threats to your business, your small business Osama bin Laden, that could provide focus for you on that single challenge that is holding you back, even when it seems out of your control.  Focus is a funny thing.  With it, you’re at least at your best when trying to get something done for your business.  Without it, you either don’t get it done or you get it done poorly. Read More…

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The Small Business Osama bin Laden: What’s Your Target Strategic Threat?

Small Business owners have thousands of issues to deal with each year, to the point where it is overwhelming to prioritize and focus upon the main thing, that Pareto 20% of stuff that will make 80% of the difference to you.  Business owners can profit by identifying their key target strategic threat and designing a game plan to find where it is hiding, contain it and if possible, snuff it out. Read More…

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