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How to Start Blogging and Positioning Your Business

business blog, start a blogBlogs have helped virtually unknown companies and individuals establish credibility and even become considered “experts” in their fields.  I recommend “blogging” to all of my small business clients.  First, it provides a platform to discuss topics, ideas, tips, news and interesting tidbits pertaining to your business.  Second, the articles can be linked through e-newsletters and Social Media, providing quality content for both mediums.  Third, implemented correctly, blogging can be a great marketing tool and help establish credibility for you, your employees and your business.  Don’t have a blog? Here are some ways to get started. Read More…

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Repurposing Content: Leveraging Your Ideas, Copy & Media to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is one critical way that you can expand your online bulls eye on the Internet through your website and social media properties.  If you’ve kept pace with what Google is looking for, you know that it is fresh, meaningful content to provide the best possible results for information seekers.  If you’ve been blogging or using some other kind of media to bring your content to life, you also know how tough it can be to “create” content from thin air.  Writer’s block doesn’t begin to capture the challenge in an online world where business owners need to be producing more great information several times a week if not daily in order to keep relevant.  Keep reading to learn to leverage the great material you do have and repurpose it through packaging, media formats, and outlets to expand your reach and develop more business leads than ever. Read More…

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Smart Blog Chosen as 1 of 20 Best Small Business Blogs

smart blog for small business, buyerzone, smart company growthOctober 19, 2011 – The Smart Blog for Small Business from Smart Company Growth was chosen by Buyerzone as one of the top 20 Small Business Blogs on the Internet.  Buyerzone is a B2B Marketplace for small business and released their Best of 2011 series in a variety of categories. Read More…

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Anchor Text – SEO Rules for Hyperlinking in Your Text

Inserting hyperlinks in web text has become second nature to most of us who write for the web.  We jump to pages in our websites and share stuff trying to get people to our homepage.  Well, just recently I found out I was accidentally missing the boat on SEO based on how I was hyperlinking in articles, author’s boxes and more.  I had violated the cardinal rule number one for Search Engine Optimization from body copy and keyword optimization.  I failed to optimize my anchor text for SEO.  I felt like an idiot, but no worries, it is completely correctable going forward.  Here’s how to make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Read More…

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How to Catapult Your Blog to Stardom

Guys and Ladies, you’re going to love this Vlog post.

This week I had the opportunity to interview Chris Ducker, President and CEO of the Live2Sell group of companies based in the Philippines, and evil originator of the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog.  This 15 month old blog that started as a personal mission statement for Chris now has over 11,000 fans on Facebook, 13,000 Twitter followers, and gets about 15,000 readers a month. This post gives you some insight as to how he did it and how you can get started. Read More…

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Monetizing Your Small Business Blog

This is a guest post to the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Creating and running a blog is not a hard task to accomplish. In addition, driving traffic to your blog is not that difficult either. Blog monetization appears to be the thing that bloggers find difficulty with these days. The intent of this article is to help you find the best ways possible to make money on your blog. Read More…

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