Your Small Business and the Bubble Economy: Strategies for Success

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and playing poker with salamanders you are aware that the American economy, indeed the world economy, is in a state of uncertainty, to say the least.  There are some signs of recovery, but there is convincing evidence that since 2008, nearly all fiscal recovery has come from massive governmental money printing, and that spells trouble long term with a capital T.  Here are 8 key strategies for you as a small business owner or entrepreneur to consider in the next 12-24 months. Read More…

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Roadblocks to Organizational Change: Are You Guilty?

As a business owner or company big cheese how many times have you tried to make an important change within your company just to see nothing happen any differently then before you started?  You communicated effectively, telling the rank and file just what they needed to know to implement the new initiative, right?  Or did you.   Are you guilty of creating roadblocks to change in your company? Read More…

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The Limited Life Cycle Business

limited life cycle business, business life cycle, life cycle productWe’ve all heard the terms life cycle product and business life cycle before, used to describe the natural, measurable and recognizable stages that a business goes through.  As business owners we all want our products and services to last, to ride that pony until her knees buckle.  Many times, we don’t know how long that is, so we hope for the best.   An increasing number of entrepreneurs today are designing entire business units around trends in the marketplace that have a limited life-span—and they know it in advance!  Keep reading to learn to see if you have the talents, resources and stomach to build your own limited life cycle business again and again and again. Read More…

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Virtual Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Collective Power without the Hassles

virtual mastermind, mastermind groups, masterminding, business masterminds, CEO networkIf you want to become a more effective, take-action leader who transforms your business leveraging the power and collective energy from a trusted board of advisors, you are likely considering a Mastermind Group.  You have a few options to get involved, such as…

  1. Start one myself – recruit members, set up agendas and rules, arrange destinations, invest in technology
  2. Join an Existing Mastermind Group or one forming elsewhere – pay for participation, but no headaches associated with recruitment and organization
  3. Do nothing – continue to rely on discipline for your learning, action steps and personal accountability; save energy and costs associated with ANY type Mastermind experience, LOSE THE BENEFITS OF MASTERMIND GROUPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS Read More…
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Top 5 Elements of Great Business Mastermind Groups

So How Do You Know if Your Mastermind Group is World Class?

Great Business Mastermind Groups deliver quantifiable value for member companies, to be certain.  It is often the qualitative value that becomes life-changing for business executives involved.  That qualitative value can be measured by the following outcomes: Read More…

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Leading From a Distance: Best Practices of Leaders in the Cloud

This is the second in a series of pieces I am doing on virtual collaboration and trends for CEOs, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  It looks at best practices for virtual video-conferencing technology and the techniques for keeping people engaged using tools from the cloud.  Today’s Vlog interview is with Phil Montero, president of Montero Consulting and founder of and  Phil is a business partner and friend and happens to be one of the world’s best gurus when working with small and mid-sized business leaders to set up the technology, training and tools for working leading from afar.

Read More…

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5 Key Ingredients for Exceptional Business Mastermind Groups

mastermind group symbol, many mindsOne would think that the collective intelligence of a group of peers should always yield superior results, but we all know this isn’t the case.  Besides Congress, an easy target, dysfunctional groups abound.  The NFL in 2011 almost torpedoed the greatest sports cash cow this country has ever seen.  Simply assembling a group of individuals is NOT a recipe for Mastermind Group success.

So what are the key ingredients for Mastermind Alliances to become exceptional? Read More…

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Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Talent and Intelligence for Small Business

virtual mastermind, mastermind group, masterminding, business mastermindMastermind Groups, a term originally coined as a phrase by Napoleon Hill in the early 20th Century in his classic business and motivation tomb Think and Grow Rich, have been used successfully by top business leaders for the past seventy years.  Perhaps you’ve considered engaging a Mastermind Group to increase the effectiveness of your small business, and wondered just what this mysterious term means and what you could expect if you were part of such a group.
A sound definition of a Mastermind Group is as follows:

Any organized group of like-minded peers united by a common purpose who communicate, learn, and grow in the process of achieving that purpose.

Read More…

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Virtual Management & Collaboration: CEO Best Practices

This is the first of a 3-part series on virtual collaboration and trends for CEOs, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this Vlog I interview Chris Ducker, CEO of the Live2Sell Companies and founder and creator of the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog, a 25,000 reader a month blog with the mission of teaching business leaders how to move to a virtual lifestyle where your company can be run profitably without being at the office every day.

  Read More…

Comments { 3 } Accelerates Small Business Success, mastermind groups, business mastermind groupsI’m incredibly excited to tell you about a project that has been in development for 6 months now called Virtual-Mastermind.comVirtual Mastermind is a service that I’ve created in conjunction with key technology partners that focuses the power of Mastermind groups on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Masterminding process has been used by business and world leaders for the past 100 years or more, with Napoleon Hill given the most credit for coining the term in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.  These leaders knew that leveraging the collective intelligence of like-minded business peers in a structured way would put their knowledge and efforts on steroids to achieve things not dreamed of before.

Imagine that every time you had a significant business problem that would alter the course of your business, for better or worse, you had at your beckon call a team, a Virtual Advisory Board of leaders who’d been there and done that who could guide you to success.  Large corporations have been employing this process for years.

But what about small business owners?  Aren’t we usually left to our own devices?  We’re up to our asses in alligators and have a hard time coming up for air, much less finding, qualifying, selecting and meeting with this fictional board of advisors that probably won’t want to help us anyway. Read More…

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