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Pampering Your Clients Using Your Client Database

The Internet has radically changed the process companies conduct business in the last decade. Shopping can now be done all hours day and night through the internet. You can now electronically order, deliver and consume products and services in an a snap . Customers take hold of their goods within hours of being ordered. While more and more people switch to online shopping, businesses need to translate the other elements that make up a good buyer experience into the online channel. Live chat, online phones or interactive voice response systems are now the norm.

Unfortunately, if you’re not making use of a client database to connect your clients online, you are undoubtedly lagging behind. Read More…

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Making Your Websites Conversion Ratios Higher

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

If you’re meaning to augment the conversion rate of your website, you should be equipped to take the required actions to do so. There is an array of aspects that play a large role in assisting you with amplifying your conversion ratio, In the subsequent article we will be discussing a few simple points about how you can advance it toward your site’s conversion ratio and take it on to the next level, without really bargaining on the excellence of your website.

Above all; with the aim of growing the conversions on your site, you have to work at making the trust factor higher. Read More…

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Building Successful Web Portals

Ten years ago I was immersed in a meeting of Information Technology professionals and business leaders from the Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center Network.  They were trying to come up with new ways to serve their base constituents, Pennsylvania manufacturers, and get them into the world of e-Business.  Lo and behold, one rather entrepreneurial center director brought up the idea of an online business web portal site, targeted to this market.  On it a company could showcase itself to the world, access new quoting opportunities and resources such as suppliers and information.  The argument is compelling, and the people seated around the table cautiously threw their hats into the ring of support, one by one.  So just what were the best methods of how to build web portals?  Read More…

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