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5 Content Marketing Tools for Small Business Victory

Content marketing is a hot small business strategy.  Give value to get value, as in visits to your pages.  As per the B2B Content Marketing report by the Content Marketing Institute, 90 percent of online marketers use this idea, while most of the others are planning to take the plunge.  Developing quality content for marketing purposes remains a challenge for most of the marketers. The need to produce quality content should be the focus of marketers rather than producing low end content in bulk.  There are several effective content marketing tools which can help you produce quality content that is valuable for your visitors. Here are my top five content marketing tools for small business victory:

1) Topsy

In order to find useful and interesting content, you are supposed to stay at the top of any breaking events related to your niche area, check the ideas, which can help you in giving value to your target audience along with following trends and happenings in your domain. This tool – Topsy, can help you in carrying out all these things. It helps in analyzing the terms, links, sites, and topics, which are re-tweeted. It also helps you in identifying important thoughts, views and content ideas. You can therefore get all these details and shape them accordingly to create quality articles. Topsy helps you in comparing data pertaining to your niche area, which can help you in creating quality content. Thus it helps in enhancing your business marketing efforts to a great extent. The good thing is that it comes for free, while the downside is sometime you may get irrelevant details, which may not be useful for you.  Learn more at topsy.com.

2) Relaborate

This content marketing tool is created some of seasoned people in this field marketing, SEO and social media world. Relaborate helps in improving the quality of content, efficacy and ease of any content marketing strategy. If you are confused about what to write, this tool will help you in suggesting a couple of things and in this way you could end up creating quality articles and posts for your marketing efforts. There are many pros of using this tool, like it is good for creating inter-business content scheduling and creation. It helps you in getting calendar for you in the real time thus helping a lot to create quality content. Most of the users have positive review about this content marketing tool, hence no downside could be noticed about the same. To start accessing this tool, you can visit its site- relaborate.com.

3) Muck Rack & Lissted

This is yet another effective content marketing tool for marketers especially for the small size business groups. Muck Rack & Lissted helps you in searching out some of the best and relevant keywords of your niche area, which help you a lot in your marketing strategy. It also helps you in finding out the terms, key phrases, people, events and outlets close to your industry or niche area over the platform of Twitter. This therefore helps in following these things with effective content marketing strategy. It allows you in saving a number of target lists as per the chosen area and keeps you updated about the people talking about the same. The only downside of this tool is that it is basically meant for journalists; hence using it for content marketing for your small businesses could at times a tricky thing. You need to smartly use this tool, which could be accessed from the link- www.lissted.com.

4) PipeDrive

It is a light size CMS or content management system, which helps the marketers in creating quality content. The dropbox BCC function simply helps in the record at par with the required email contacts about people and marketers related to your niche area. Also this tool helps in scheduling with proper reminders for the tweet, emails or calls for your follow ups. PipeDrive comes with a single view for each and every initiative and displays the list of people who have responded or even have shown some kind of interest in it about the things that were published about your niche area. The only downside you may face it you need to explore it properly to start using. It can be accessed from the link- pipedrive.com/en-US/home/drive.

5) Evernote

It’s a free of cost content marketing tool, which helps in collecting and organizing ideas, links, images, sites, notes and other things, which relates to your niche area. Evernote stores all the things, which you find online useful for your content marketing strategies. It also helps in sharing different stuff online along with collaborating with others. You can sync all the details with other computer or phone device, which make the data accessible from anywhere and at any point of time. It is a wonderful tool, which could be used in many ways; hence it has barely any downside. It can be accessed over the link-evernote.com.

About The Author:  Margaret is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut

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