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How to Create the Best Eye-Catching Headlines in Your Marketing Copy

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

If you’re looking for a simple way to sell your products or services with little initial investment, internet marketing is one method that has made more than a few people rich. An important element of any online marketing campaign is your sales copy or your ad copy that ultimately convinces your prospect to buy or opt-in as your lead. Your first priority when writing any copy is creating a compelling headline. Your readers should learn something interesting and valuable about your product in the headline, so they are compelled to read all your copy. The potential benefits are virtually unlimited when you’re able to write headlines that convert.

To start with, when you write your headline, target it specifically to your prospect. The more precisely you can pinpoint who your target market is, the easier it will be to do this properly. When you know this, it becomes simple to direct your headline at the reader you want to reach. The reason for this is, people buy only those products that they feel are targeted towards them and will help them solve some problem. The key, then, is to target your headlines so you’ll be communicating directly with your prospects, not just a general audience.

Writing your headline within “quotation marks” can instantly make it more powerful. Many of the world’s best copywriters consistently profit by using this approach. This technique gives your headline the look of a testimonial, or part of a dialogue. This increases your credibility and makes your product more believable. If you do this, your copy will convert better, so don’t overlook this simple tactic. Also, make sure the first letters of each word in your headline is capitalized -it’s really important.

Finally, testimonials from satisfied customers make great headlines, so make the most of the positive responses you receive. A bona fide testimonial that glowingly describes your product is hard to beat. The rationale for this technique is that we’re more likely to believe the words of a third party than a sales person. This is the kind of headline readers will relate to, and it will definitely capture their attention. Even if you don’t have a testimonial from your customer, you can get an expert in your niche to review your product and give feedback on it; this can be used as your headline if it points out your product’s unique selling point.

This article was meant to help you understand the importance of headline writing. We all know the bottom line goal is getting visitors to convert to customers regardless of the target niche. Regardless of the size of your ad it is the headline that will be noticed first. Getting your prospects through the door is the primary job of the headline, the sales copy can take care of the rest. Once you master the art of writing good headlines, you’ll be able to increase the response to your copy or your ad by just making a few tweaks here and there, which isn’t really that difficult.

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