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Monetizing Your Small Business Blog

This is a guest post to the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Creating and running a blog is not a hard task to accomplish. In addition, driving traffic to your blog is not that difficult either. Blog monetization appears to be the thing that bloggers find difficulty with these days. The intent of this article is to help you find the best ways possible to make money on your blog.

Unlimited Service Options

It would be easy for you to sell personal services and products on your blog for monetization purposes. You do not have to worry about advertising as a choice for blog monetization. If you’ve got an expertise in your field then you can easily create and sell digital products through your blog. For instance, you could write an eBook that concentrates on how to solve problems for your targeted audience and promote it for a low price. In addition, you could also promote your personal services to anyone in your niche that needs them.

As a SEO marketer, you could charge a small amount of money to help your readers properly optimize their blogs for the search engine spiders. If you’re a copywriter, you can offer a copywriting service where you create sales copies for your customers. There are literally millions of new things you could do if you are willing to get out of your comfort area.

Advertisers and Affiliates

You also have the ability to advertise empty space on your blog by signing up with the BuySellAds Network. If you see that your blog is getting a lot traffic, you might want to join this network and find out if there are advertisers that want to promote to the readers on your blog. You have to keep in mind that the reason why anyone would want to put their ads on your blog in the first place is because they actually want to see results. So make sure you have a good amount of traffic before going to these types of networks to run banner ads.

Selling Your Blog

A slightly more unusual method is to create a new blog, build it up until it’s making a little profit and then selling it for a nice return. You are hearing correctly, as there is a serious market for profitable blogs. You can still make quite a nice amount of cash from your blog, even if it is only making a few dollars in profit from AdSense every day. While there are plenty of online marketplaces dedicated solely to people buying and selling websites, one of the biggest is Flippa.com. When your blog starts making a certain amount of money, it can be sold on an online marketplace so you can make a nice profit.

Maybe, you now understand how wonderful it can be to monetize your blog in the right manner. Don’t make the mistake of delaying to monetize your blog while you can because if you’re not making money with your blog then, you’re simply not getting the most out of it. So go on and utilize this article to make a large amount of cash with your blog.

For more information on blog monetization strategies, check out this article on Adsense 100K Blueprint. It’ll really get your mind turning so you can make more money online!

How are you monetizing your blog?  Post below!

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