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Top 3 Facebook Post Submission Tips

This is a guest post on the best use of Facebook to engage followers and motivate action.

Facebook has turned into one of the most rapidly developing social network platforms, plus they are also turning into the center of attention for Internet marketers who are making the most out of the fan pages on that site so they can reach their intended audience. If you want to become successful with Facebook fan pages, the most important thing you need to do to get a lot of fans to notice you is to put together posts that actually have some significance.   Below we’ll be sharing some simple suggestions that you can make use of without delay for coming up with influential posts for Facebook and maximize them.


Be authentic in your approach and actually make your fans feel what you’re writing. No matter what your update says make sure that it is honest and transparent so that your fans can easily relate to what you are saying. Your posts have to not only look genuine but also have to be genuine. People tend to buy from the sellers they feel they have a connection with.

You have to inject your personality into the posts you create because this will give you an edge over the competition. Remember that fans are real people and they have real emotions and those emotions are what will make them take the action you want them to take.

Address Fans One at a Time

Putting together a message for an entire group of people is a faux pas. Your posts need to address just one person, not to a group. It is true you are conveying a message to a complete fan base; however, you should really address one on one, instead of all at once. The reason for this is that just one person will be reading your post alone and not the entire group all together. Because it makes the person feel special, this brings about a greater comeback from your devotees. And people take pleasure in receiving posts that are only for them.

Engage with Questions

One strategy that has proven to be very successful in social media is to ask questions. If you write a post, you need to make sure it gives you some sort of good return. Fans like to be asked questions because they like the interaction. It helps them feel special and shows them that you care about their input. Aside from that, everyone likes to talk and share their views. So why not take advantage of these things? The questions don’t need to be particularly complicated but you need to make sure they’re open ended. The goal isn’t to get a yes or no answer but something that has a little bit more detail.

To sum up, if you actually want to get as much as possible from your posts on Facebook, you need to have a professional approach. Don’t ignore this stuff, your working to build a brand for yourself; your fans shouldn’t think anything less of you. The fan page is an asset that you want to be able to use in the long run and that means that you need to put as much value in to it as you can and posting updates about yourself is just one thing that you can do.

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