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One of the key things that provides competitive advantage for small and emerging businesses, particularly those that may be in a commodity market (IT managed services, VOIP, programmers for hire, legal and insurance services), is the value you can provide to prospects before they ever become your client.  This value positions your firm as the experts in the field, over and above your competition, to draw business to you over time.

From our perspective, we’re talking about the Content you produce.  We’ve already discussed a special kind of content using web video on our Video Marketing (link) pages.  But there are other types of content, and we can help you with two of them.

Blogs and Written Content

If you’re a small business owner, you are wearing a lot of hats, from CEO to lead salesperson to chief cook and bottle washer.  It can be daunting to come up for air, much less make time for your family and friends.

If you’re trying to grow your business online to generate more leads, sales opportunities and sales on your website, there are few more cost-effective ways to do it than with a good, content-heavy, active and niched blog and solid propagation of your content and solutions through article marketing.  While web video is taking over in many ways, the World Wide Web remains a text based venue when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the fact is that there are still a great number of people on earth that like to read and organize their learning through the written word.

The rules on promoting that content have changed over the years and business webmasters need to exercise caution on the tactics used to promote content, get indexed, and replicate content in social media venues and relevant websites.  Even if you never publish your written content on a site apart from your own domain, it is absolutely essential to serve up content that gets indexed, searched, and pulls in prospects to your website.

Smart Company Growth can supplement your marketing efforts using written content in several ways:

  • Ghost Blogging – a outsourced professional blogger who writes under your name, usually as the CEO or top voices of your company.
  • Editing/Revision – polishing your written content so it is impactful, laden with value, and SEO-friendly.
  • 3rd Party Reviews – technical reviews of products and services published elsewhere that drive traffic to your site and provide SEO pop.
  • White Papers – working with a technical lead at your company, preparing educational White Papers to establish market credibility and thought leadership.
  • Copywriting – in special cases only, writing page copy for your website and landing pages designed to lead visitors to the action that you want.
  • Online Promotion/Distribution – White-hat publication of your content in other complementary sites, Google submittals, and social media promotion.

Voiceovers, Podcasts

The other form of rich media that provides value and variation for your online audience is audio, more often found these days in the form of podcasts on iTunes or downloadable audio from your site.  Audio of the SmartVu video interviews streamed from your website is an excellent way to be unique in your world.

The owner and Chief Sales Officer of Smart Company Growth, Karl Walinskas, is a speaker and author and will provide professional voiceovers for…

  • Video Narrations
  • Automated Online Demonstrations
  • Site Infomercials
  • How-To Podcasts