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Colocation Services: Alternative Hosting for Small Businesses

For most businesses, relying on the internet has become a necessity of the current economic climate.  This can be a big struggle for very small organizations, because of the high cost concerned with hosting a server and employing IT professionals to maintain it. An ideal solution to this problem is colocation hosting.  It enables businesses to keep their servers in secure data centers which offer state of the art technology and specialist support, and colocation host centers are becoming more popular than ever in major cities right now.

The service works by letting you keep your server in the colo provider’s data center.  To do this you either rent a server directly from them, or send one that you have already set up.  For a monthly fee they will provide you with high speed internet, give you the bandwidth you specify, and maintain the system for you.

Flexible and Cheap

The bandwidth works out a lot cheaper, especially for a small business, because it is shared by others with the service.  The speed of the internet is also significantly higher than a small company could achieve.  An increase in bandwidth can be arranged in minutes, making it extremely flexible and allowing your internet service to grow with your business.

The Server and Service Environment You Should Expect

Very skilled engineers manage the servers.   They use an advanced monitoring system to alert them to faults as soon as they occur. Most data centers are manned by engineers 24/7, which leaves your own employees free to do other tasks.  Your software and hardware can be updated and changed as soon as you request it.  To make sure that somebody else’s faulty equipment does not affect your own, all servers are fused individually.

The reliability of a connection is massively increased with this type of hosting.  This is a major advantage, because when power failures at your place of business do happen they can drastically affect sales and productivity.  If you store you own server, you are completely reliant on local power grids to sort out any problems.  This is not the case with colocation hosting as providers keep backup generators which provide at least three days emergency power.  The benefit of this is that even if your own electricity supply fails, you can still maintain satellite offices.

The range of services is more than the majority of businesses could afford themselves.  Backup generators, IT specialists, a data center, and high speed connectivity all come with a high initial cost.  There is no need for any substantial investments with colocation hosting.  They will provide the most technologically advanced versions of all of this.

Data Security

Colocation data centers are some of the safest places possible to keep all of your expensive equipment.  They are normally protected by security systems, surveillance cameras, patrol teams, and restricted access.  They ensure the preservation of hardware by using air conditioning, humidity regulators, and fire and water detection systems.  They aim to create the perfect environment for optimum function.

If you are considering using colocation hosting, do not be afraid to shop around.  Different companies offer different packages and different services. There are providers for almost any business model no matter what your budget.  They will give you the tools and control you need to get the most out of your business.

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  1. Walter Scott April 4, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    Yes, definitely right. There are colocation services of all the country for those with their servers but can’t maintain them.

  2. Maribel April 20, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    Thanks for posting it. I know this will be of great help to businessmen/women who needs help on their businesses. I will share this to my friends and see if this can help them. Thanks again!

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