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Many early stage firms spend a great deal of time getting the product right, especially in technology, whether that product is software, medical devices, mobile technology, or a unique SAAS (software as a service) platform.  This is a good thing.  You never want to approach the market with a less than perfect and untested technology.  Trouble is, with so much energy on the “thing”, it often leaves a confusing or non-existent plan on how to get that thing in front of the right prospects, those that can advance toward sales revenue.

And this doesn’t happen only with early stage firms, but also more mature product or service businesses.  In either case, the missing ingredient is often the lack of a true competitive advantage.  That can be both strategic and tactical.

Don’t think so?

Competitive advantage is something that provides obvious value, direct or indirect, for your target market that none of your competitors can claim.  If you’re spending a lot of time telling prospects that your quality is exceptional or that your people are smarter than everybody else competing in your market space, you’re committing a class blunder.  Even if it’s true, do you honestly think others in your industry are saying,

“Well, our quality is suspect and our people are just so-so, but we sure are cheap!”

Of course not!  You need to determine a value proposition that defines your uniqueness in ways none of your competitors can, and in a way that is either absent and/or demanded in your marketplace.

Strategic Differentiation and Message

At Smart Company Growth, we’ll help you determine and crystalize your market message in a way that prospects will best receive it and act upon it.  If you don’t do this before you go to market and connect with prospects, you are wasting your time and money.  That means helping you with both direct value delivered, and leveraging indirect means of separating your company.

Go to market strategy, business strategy, emerging technology strategy

Tactical Market Approach

Once you’ve got the message figured out, we help you determine the best plan to reach people that can buy from you.  Sometimes the message you come up with changes who you think is your target audience.  We’ll work with you to determine…

  • The correct Target Audience
  • How to gain visibility with prospects
  • Best use of marketing and lead generation dollars
  • Leveraging online presence
  • Your unique Sales Process (link to Sales Process page)