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Data Migration: Oracle vs. Open Source

Making a data migration of business information from Oracle to another software is an involved process. Small businesses that are displeased with Oracle’s performance or the expense of licensing and support will find many options available in other relational database management systems. However, you must consider that not all databases will meet your needs. Before completing that transition, it’s essential to consider your needs as a small business and how a new database will meet them.

Think about the many reasons you may wish to use another database software other than the standard. Firstly, it may be that the previous database software is so complicated there is a much steeper learning curve for new people seeking to work on the database. It should be good to compare your budget with and without code licensing and services to see how much you will save by switching. Really, nothing is truly free, but not having to pay licensing fees from open source software will allow you to focus on the more important costs. This cuts back on costs and you will be able to adapt the open source software to your personal needs.

Take the operating conditions into account with your selection, such as high volume or static storage. Database software planned especially for high volume access may be slow for saving and updates, but will be ideal for a customer facing database. A basic software like plain SQL was just designed for occasional use, and won’t hog all the computer’s resources to itself. Programs for this need range from Microsoft Access for windows interoperability to Redis which targets Linux. Access is a simple to use personal database software that can be easily linked to office and .NET applications, whereas Redis is an instance of a database designed to retrieve large amounts of data to many users at the same time.

Finally, small businesses will need to consider support issues. Oracle has a tiered approach to support, with the best support at the extremely expensive tier. As this company has built a monopoly on supporting their database, few IT workers bother to learn the software. A wonderful rule of thumb for selecting software is to go with what is more popular to the tech workers, that way it is easy to get good support. Going from Oracle to Postgres will increase the potential team of experts. Postgres has a big community of fans and is one of the most popular open source software.

It’s not easy to make the data migration between databases. Finalizing a long term decision about your future database will require quite a bit of deliberation. At the least, you should make a list of what is needed right now, what you don’t like about the current software, and what your plans are for the future. A properly thought out decision need not be a difficult one.

If there are things you need to sort out you can always follow data migration or through Open Source Database.

Posted by Kristiana Carla E. Richees

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