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Independence Day for Small Businesses

As Americans celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, most of us are taking a day off of work (except the retailers), firing up the charcoal briquettes, and finding some watering hole to be near to escape the heat.  Too often we don’t remember the true meaning of this holiday, America’s Declaration of Freedom from the tyranny of British rule.  Clearly the most seminal moment in our country’s history that set the stage for the type of country we were to become, based upon the freedom to take risks and realize the awesome benefits, or suffer the tragic consequences, of our own decisions.  It is a free market capitalism that rewards innovation and creativity, takes no prisoners, and allows for true self-determination.

Celebrating Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Nowhere can you find that that system exploited more than in the entrepreneurial spirit of small, independent businesses that have bootstrapped their way to success.  Business owners who have failed many times until they eventually failed their way to the top, armed with the knowledge that this is how the system works.  Today we celebrate America, yet the beauty of independent business owners that brush stroke the canvas of the world economy is not relegated to the United States.  It is seen in any country or situation where free people have the desire and ability to move about and create their own futures.  The ubiquitous of the Internet has now extended that freedom to more corners of the globe than at any point in human history, and this is good.

This post is for the small business owners of the world, who every day go out and face the rigors of an uncertain if not depressing economy, fickle customers and rising competition, and a media that would have them believe it’s time to give up and become wards of whatever benevolent government that volunteers to provide them with a subsistent and lifeless existence.  There are no tips and tactics with this post, no 5 steps to a better business story, simply words of encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing.

Small Business Independence Day 10 Commandments

Hang in there.  It gets better.

Listen to those who encourage your business and dreams and ignore the naysayers.

Keep trying stuff.  It will eventually work.

Find what does work and replicate it to the extent you can.

Have the courage to take new approaches to old problems.

Realize that fear of the future of your business is OK, normal and healthy.  What actions you take in response to that fear will shape your destiny.

Never stop learning.  Look to the gurus and gather as much information as you can, then work on one thing.  The real answers will come from within you in how you apply what you learn.

Remember who you’re working for and what’s really important to you.

Don’t take ethical shortcuts, lie, cheat or steal.  Karma’s a bitch and so is the mirror.

Recognize that you are what powers the economic engine of your country and the planet.

The Future of American Small Business

Just like the Founding Fathers did 235 years ago, America is once again facing a choice about the type of country we want to be in the future.  Will we be a nation that embraces uncertain destiny with the knowledge it’s ours to create or will we trade our liberty for security provided by a paternal government?  Will we welcome all into an environment of free enterprise, where hard work and undying persistence is rewarded handsomely, or will we try to guarantee meager outcomes for any who arrive on our shores?  Will we celebrate entrepreneurs who create companies and jobs for thousands and become wealthy in the process, or will we demonize business owners as unfair tyrants who seek to keep the rest of America down?

Our next big choice comes in 2012.  For those of you reading this from other nations, you may be facing similar choices or your country may have already decided how to define freedom.  We need to choose wisely.

For now, cherish the fact that for your small business, freedom provides you with the opportunity and potential to build it into whatever you want it to be.  On this American Independence Day, don’t forget that it’s your Small Business Independence Day too.

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