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Virtual-Mastermind.com Accelerates Small Business Success

virtual-mastermind.com, mastermind groups, business mastermind groupsI’m incredibly excited to tell you about a project that has been in development for 6 months now called Virtual-Mastermind.comVirtual Mastermind is a service that I’ve created in conjunction with key technology partners that focuses the power of Mastermind groups on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Masterminding process has been used by business and world leaders for the past 100 years or more, with Napoleon Hill given the most credit for coining the term in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.  These leaders knew that leveraging the collective intelligence of like-minded business peers in a structured way would put their knowledge and efforts on steroids to achieve things not dreamed of before.

Imagine that every time you had a significant business problem that would alter the course of your business, for better or worse, you had at your beckon call a team, a Virtual Advisory Board of leaders who’d been there and done that who could guide you to success.  Large corporations have been employing this process for years.

But what about small business owners?  Aren’t we usually left to our own devices?  We’re up to our asses in alligators and have a hard time coming up for air, much less finding, qualifying, selecting and meeting with this fictional board of advisors that probably won’t want to help us anyway.

Mastermind Groups for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Today’s internet technology make Small Business Mastermind groups a reality that any of us can capitalize on given the will and desire to change the state of our businesses.  The fact is, small business owners and entrepreneurs who are resource-strapped stand to benefit more from the Masterminding process than their large company counterparts.  They can move and make decisions quicker, test things on the cheap, and implement change at a much faster rate–with the proper guidance, leverage, and motivation.

I’ve put together a video outlining the 4 Principal Benefits of Mastermind Groups for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.  You can view it by clicking on the link of the logo below.  You’ll also receive access to the eBook of the aformentioned Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  This is absolutely risk free and simply about transmitting information about this tried and true method of catapulting business success via the Mastermind Group process.

In the weeks ahead I’ll be sharing tips on setting up Mastermind Groups, the characteristics you need for success and more. 

Virtual-Mastermind.com Makes Masterminding a No-Brainer

Will you eventually have the opportunity to join Virtual-Mastermind.com as a member?  Sure!  I believe that the formate we’ve put together is the most cost and time-effective means to participating and benefitting from the awesome power of Mastermind Groups you’ll find in the world.  The beauty of it is, all the information in the video and any future blog posts won’t hold anything back.  You can start you’re own Mastermind Group of trusted advisors if you feel so compelled.  This information simply provides you with some direction.

Go ahead and visit Virtual-Mastermind.com now and take advantage of the FREE Video and eBook just for stopping by.

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