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LinkedIn is primary social media site for business. It is the Facebook for business networking, lite on posting family vacation pics and heavy on connections within and across industry and niche-market discussion groups on everything from sales to employment practices to hard science, depending upon you, the LinkedIn user.
Unfortunately, most LinkedIn users don’t capitalize on this fantastic technology to Generate Leads, Sales and Business growth.
LinkedIn marketing, get found on LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile optimizationAll new subscribers to the Smart Growth Strategies Newsletter will received a FREE, 35 page eBook, LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Maximum Exposure, AND 7 FREE instructional videos on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn Profile and Experience, creating MORE CUSTOMER and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES immediately. Videos will be sent every 5 days to your Inbox.
The eBook and video series are educational courses in which you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate the LinkedIn menus and focus on the content areas that will increase your exposure and get inquiries
  • How to monitor your LinkedIn statistics and dramatically increase the size of your personal network, your visibility in user searches, and how often your Profile is viewed (comparable to Page Views on your website)
  • How to build your Profile to tell your story and motivate business prospects, partners and potential employers (if you wish) to connect with you and start a relationship
  • How to differentiate your unique value proposition on your Profile using a multitude of LinkedIn Applications
  • How to enlist and leverage LinkedIn Groups to drive prospects and contacts to your Profile and website
  • The Secret to connecting with Anyone on LinkedIn you want to without the need for expensive Introductions or upgrades to your account
  • How to position yourself and your employees as Subject Matter Experts and THE place to turn to for potential customers in your market?

Here is what you won’t find in this book:

  • Gimmicks or tricks that game the LinkedIn system and get you tagged for spamming or targeted for removal
  • Unethical practices that alienate prospects and customers
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Heavy sales pitches to do things you can’t do on your own. EVERY TIP & PRACTICE IN THIS EBOOK AND VIDEOS YOU CAN DO ON YOUR OWN! We offer help on execution, but withhold nothing.

The Smart Growth Strategies Newsletter is tailored to small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing useful tips on BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and COST MANAGEMENT to help grow your business, including Marketing Strategies, Sales Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership and Employee Tips, Project Management, Virtual Office Tools, Cost Cutting and Cash Flow Preservation Techniques, and even Reviews of Books or Software Applications that benefit your business immediately.

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