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7 Simple SEO Tips for People Like You

The following Guest Post is a nice 7-Step SEO outline for the average small business person…like you.

search engine optimization, SEO, SEO tipsSEO (search engine optimization) is often painted as something that is extremely difficult, with warnings about messing everything up if it’s done wrong. These are scare tactics in many cases – most people are perfectly capable of handling a little SEO on their own. You just need to be smart about what you’re doing and educate yourself before hand. Here are some great SEO tips to help anyone get started with their new campaign.

Be Bold

Bolding keywords is still a common practice. When you place emphasis on certain keywords, it makes it evident to the search engines what the most relevant topic is. Likewise, when people browse the content, the keywords will stand out. It helps people find exactly what they’re searching for when your content mirrors their search term.

Deep Linking

Avoiding sending all the traffic to your home page. When you setup deep links to the internal pages of your site, you’re letting the search engines know that you’re more than just another website. You’re actually an authority on the topic and people want to link to every aspect of your site.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking can help you get your deeper pages and blog posts found online quickly. By bookmarking your content, you’re not only getting a link back to that page but you’re also opening the potential floodgates for people to surge in through social bookmarking sites. That relevant, targeted traffic can really help your business thrive.

Title your Links

When it comes to SEO, it’s often the little things that add up and count. Not only should you add alt-title tags to your images but you should title your links as well. This gives impaired surfers the ability to know where they’re heading before they click. Likewise, search engines crawling your site can see from the link title what kind of content the link is related to.

Mind Your Anchor Text

Anchor text is important for your SEO campaign, as you want to associate your site with specific keywords. Keep in mind though that you don’t want to target the same keyword across your entire campaign. This can make it look like you’re buying links. Change up the keyword you use or just link back to your domain.  [Karl Note: See supporting post on Anchor Text linking]

Site Map

If you want to maximize how much content on your site gets indexed then submit a sitemap of your pages. This simple wireframe of your site shows the link structure and makes it easy for the search engines to crawl your pages without having to dig through text to find your important links.

Go Off-site

On site SEO is important to your marketing campaign but you should be working off site to get an SEO boost as well. Creating an offsite blog, work in social media, publish to article directories, create a wiki, contribute on other blog posts and more. Content marketing is generally free and it’s a great way to build traffic and links for your site.

SEO doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be confusing. There may be a lot you have to do but you don’t have to do everything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, or you fear a big bill with an SEO provider, just step back and consider a few small changes to start. Begin with a small SEO campaign and build from there.

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