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Article Marketing For Affiliates: Make Money And Increase Your Traffic and Page Rank

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Article marketing is recognized as the most economic approach to promote a website, much more efficient than advertising. When performed right, articles will stay on the Internet for many years and will be copied by others . It is the technology of choice for Internet marketers and especially suitable for affiliate marketing, in combination with a website (with landing pages).

Here are the mostcritical rules:

1. Your articles should be informative and valuable to your audience; refrain from sales talk

2. Check that there are no spelling and grammar errors and make sure the article is well structured (logically built up).

3. Submit the articles in many variants -by changing text and using synonyms- to major article sites

4. Be creative to find different angles around your subject so you can publish many articles each month.

5. Carefully evaluate your keywords for volume (demand) and competition; Google’s free keyword tool helps here.

6. Use keywords in the title, summary and body text of the article. Ensure they are as relevant and compatible as possible with keywords, title and body text on the landing page of your website. In turn your landing pages must also be compatible and relevant to your affiliate partners.

7. Before you start writing articles, make a planning with angles, objectives and keywords. This will help to determine which changes should be made to your website. After writing articles let a friend or colleague proof read critically, especially with respect to the value of the article.

Poor articles are sometimes refused, not copied by other websites and may be removed after prolonged lack of traffic. Good articles are taken up by many publishers, copied often (even without you knowing it) and stay on the web for many years.

When you do it correct you can’t have a better SEO and marketing tool than article marketing promotion. Thanks to the one-way links to your site your Page Rank will go up and thus improve your search position. Additionally, the articles will generate traffic, so the knife cuts at both ends! And, compared to advertising, this is a lasting result and much, much cheaper.

Now let’s look at getting all these benefits plus enjoying affiliate cash. Remember, your website should have the same topics and keywords (on the landing pages) as your affiliate programs. Do not take one landing page for more than one affilate program so you can use the optimal keywords in the URL.

Let’s assume your affiliate partner sells food supplements, one of the most rewarding affiliate niches. Your article should discuss a directly related field, such as health or dieting and then you build up to the conclusion that your affiliate’s product is the solution. The link to the landing page is in your bio.Only mention the link to your landing page that in turn will show the affiliate link.

Ensure that the last line of your article and the first line of the resource box flow well into each other. This way you make the perfect connection between the resource box and your article but this is not noticeable for the readers, when done well.

Then, you add your bio and link to your home page or another related page. This way is how you can get the best results.

Finally, there is the issue on how to submit your articles. There are a couple of major article sites that support all subjects, but many hundreds of smaller ones, many of them in niches. There are many websites that offer the service to automatically submit articles to dozens or more article websites. There is however a Big But: The search engines automatically recognize duplicate content and do not assign Page Rank for the duplicates and also do not list duplicates in the search results.

The traditional solution for this problem is to write variants of paragraphs by changing the grammar and/or use synonyms, maintaining the same quality as the base article, but seen as different by the search engines. I spent countless time creating variants of articles and then manually submitted them.

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