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Getting Your Website Indexed Quickly

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Getting free, high quality traffic to your site is very valuable as every webmaster knows. Even though there are tons of methods to get exposure to your website or blog, nothing comes close to the kind of traffic you can generate from search engines like Google. If you get ranked for the right keywords you can expect thousands of visitors to your every day. Before you start working on getting your site ranked, you first need to get them indexed with the search engines. Here are some steps to help you get your site noticed and indexed by the search engines.

Social Bookmarking

The first step is to focus on submitting your site to social sites like Delicious and Digg. The fact that these sites are updated consistently has made them very popular with the search engines.

These sites are quite influential in the eyes of the major search engines which makes getting your submitted site easy to get indexed through them. Bookmarking on social sites is simple so take advantage of these sites for added exposure and fast indexing. Social media is a growing commodity with a lot of benefits for you as a webmaster so be sure to pay attention to this step.

Google Analytics

Secondly, keep in mind that you need to augment your website or blog with Google Analytics. The free Analytics tool assists you with tracking your traffic and conversions, although it simultaneously assists you in getting Google to distinguish your new site. After you have registered your site with the Analytics program, you will be offered a small JavaScript which you need to embed in your website. The moment the code is exposed to Google, they commence at tracking your traffic and further site activity. So if you haven’t started using Google Analytics yet, now’s the time to do so.

Web Video & Dynamic Content

If you are still experiencing slow indexing times consider adding videos to your site. Search engines will give your high quality video more attention than any other type of content. You can also post your videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and link back to your website from there.

Be sure that you are including keywords in the video description so that you are giving direct instruction to the search engines that will rank your video and index your site.

In conclusion, from the above article it becomes clear that in order to get your site indexed in the search engines as fast as possible, you can’t ignore the basic steps to let all the major search engines know that your site exists. the above information will hopefully help you see the difference in your sites indexing and overall success.

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