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The Google+ Lowdown: How Small Businesses Can Utilize Google+

Google plus, Google+, Google+ for small businessThough Google+ still seems like it’s relatively new to the world of social media, the platform has been active since 2011 and has over 500 million users. Those numbers seem relatively miniscule in comparison to it’s big brother brethren like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram for that matter, but Google+ seems to be not only increasing its number of users, but is becoming a hub for small business owners to connect and interact with the market around them.

Yes, Google+ Matters

By being woven into the fabric of all of the other Google products, Google+ is proving to be more than just a social media network. A Google+ account allows a user to simply be just a click away from Youtube, Google Images, Drive, etc.

This also means that with a Google+ account, your small business has a top priority on Google searches. So bottom line: becoming an active Google+ member can only help a business rank higher in search results.

Google+ Is Easy

As simple as it is to start an account with other social media networks, it’s even easier with Google+.

Start a personal account, and then claim a Google+ Business page, allowing Google Search to relate a personalized Google+ account to that users’ business page. Add a logo and any images, write a very detailed “about” section leaving no questions for other users.

Obtaining a Google Places account is also important, so that a business and its address can be easily identified by searchers.

Seeing Circles

Google+ organizes groups in what’s called “circles,” which can define circles by groups of interest and making it easier to send targeted messages to customers and clients. The ability to segment and select what content is seen by whom can be a complete advantage to a small business.

“Hangouts,” which is Google’s video chat option, provides an audio-visual channel for a business to interact with customers. These are even available for live streaming through a company website, another potentially valuable asset provided by a Google+ account.

Jennifer Goodwin of Internet Girl Friday says “One of the perks is that a copy of the recorded live stream is duplicated on your YouTube channel.” There’s even an editing feature available, making for complete control over the content a Google+ account holder creates. Hosting a hangout will not only help a business connect with its customers in a more unique and personal way, but the information that is cultivated at a “hangout” can be used to a company’s advantage at a later date.

Businesses that use Google+ also have access to share special dates with their customers through Google Calendar and share photos, allowing for an unlimited amount of potential information to be shared.

Lucky Number +1

Google+ includes a feature that is more powerful than any like or share: the +1. This is a way for users to like the online content, which is then attached to their profile; available to share in any circle.

By adding this feature to a small business’ web content, it allows for customers or clients to share content and brand with anyone on any platform.

By being a Google product, Google+ is here to stay. A small business should at least create a Google+ account and remain active on it to optimize their results in the top search engine. It also allows businesses to interact with customers and own content in a way that is more liberating than Facebook or Twitter. It may not be the most buzzed about social media service, but when it comes down to it, Google+ has both immediate and long-term benefits for promoting a business.

 About the Author

Dave Landry Jr. is a personal finance manager and debt consolidation counselor, working with National Debt Relief to manage unsecured and medical debt. He has recently become a social media enthusiast and blogger, and thoroughly hopes you enjoy this article.

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