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How To Get Through A Google Algorithm Change

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Google has modified their methods and it has a few seo firms scurrying. Web pages most affected were described as as link farms and content farms.  These types of internet sites do nothing but develop website links for adsense online marketers or for Search engine optimization purposes (directories), or provide one way links regardless of the value of the content published. But, the Google shuffle is not only about content and link farms.  Google like everyone else is getting tired of low quality internet sites showing up high in the search engine results pages. You’ve noticed them – adsense webpages that do nothing but try to get you to simply click through. Funny thing is, Google produced this monster!  Now they are attempting to deal with it.  Most importantly the internet search engines have to compete to produce high quality content to the targeted visitor.  For the most part, most localized business search engine optimization strategies need to focus and re-emphasize the local listings and reassess their organic search strategy.

What Google Has Done

Google’s new algorithm focuses on substandard quality webpages.  It appears that Google defines a substandard web page like this:

  • The internet site lacks ample subject material to generally be useful (superficial content).
  • The webpage has poorly written content.
  • The content for the web-site has been cloned from other webpages.
  • The content and articles of the internet site isn’t helpful.

With Google’s newest revision, it’s not enough to have unique content on a website. It also doesn’t help if there are lots of unique words on your web pages. The content has to be helpful to your website readers.

Even very high quality webpages could be impacted. The low quality subject material on a part of a web-site can impact the rankings of the whole website: “It’s essential for webmasters to understand that low quality written content on a part of a website could affect a website’s ranking overall. Because of this, should you think you’ve been impacted by this change you ought to evaluate all of the content with regards to your web-site and do your best to enrich the general quality of the internet pages on your domain.

Removing low quality web pages or moving them to a second site could help your current positions for the higher quality content.”

How to avoid Google penalties

There are numerous things which you’re able to do to make sure that Google isn’t going to punish your site

  • Make improvements to the poor quality pages in your site. Ask yourself: is the web page useful to my website visitors? If not, improve the information of the web page making it a lot more valuable.
  • It is incredibly likely that the general user experience is critical. Confirm the user friendliness and the design of your web pages. Your internet pages need to be easy to navigate and they really should have a professional design and style.
  • Check the ads to content ratio in your web pages. If a web page largely contains ads then it is certain that Google considers it poor quality.
  • Don’t attempt to deceive Google with shady web optimization methods. Give attention to seo methods that are best for webmasters, readers and Google. Seo just isn’t about obtaining high rankings for every possible keyword. It is about acquiring high search positions for the right keywords resulting in meeting the objectives of the website guests.

If you have high rankings for the best keywords, your site will provide lots of new customers to your business. If you present Google what they want, your website will get high rankings and more clients.

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