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Linkbaiting Done the Right Way

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Blogs and websites vie for position to gain more search engine traffic. Sites can increase their value to those search engines by building targeted backlinks, which incidentally helps those sites to rank higher on the search results. Linkbaiting is an excellent way to make other sites put up links to you in return for something they want. Doing this is actually easier than it sounds. Linkbaiting can also be applied in a number of different ways that can help you achieve measurable results.

Give Something Away

Handing out a gift of value will surely get people’s attention. Your main purpose is to get readers to talk about you, link to your blog and then tell others. But to use this to your benefit, you should expect to provide something of value. It has to do something worthwhile. Make sure that your gift is not too familiar because you want to be different from everyone else. Lets imagine that you are selling a video course for a good price in your dog training niche. You can tell everyone that you will be giving your course away for free to the first fifty subscribers that sign up for your list. This will start all of the bloggers within your niche talking about you.


You could always report breaking news about your niche before any other blogs. Blog and website owners are always seeking news-worthy material to write about. When you’re always the first person with the information they need, they’ll begin linking to you as their source. No matter what niche might be, it’s still a good idea to be the first person releasing pertinent information to your industry. For example, in the tech blogs niche sites such as TechCrunch.com are always the first to report on breaking news events, which earns them enormous numbers of backlinks from other blogs around the world.

People Love Contests

Contests are a great way to get people excited and have them take part. The best contests are often the simplest ones, so don’t over complicate matters. A contest can be one of the best linkbaiting strategies, as you have the potential to get many links from participating site and blog owners, who will also help make the contest well known. This brings in more interested people to the contest, who may take part and link back to you. In order to have the desired effect, though, you’ll have to think of a contest that grabs people’s interest and motivates them to participate.

In summary, from the above article we come to understand how significant linkbaiting can be for your site or blog. Acquiring backlinks this way isn’t rocket science, you can literally come up with a dozen unique linkbaiting tactics of your own and be successful. The key to making linkbaiting work is to be creative. You need to be different in your approach and give webmasters a real reason to want to link to you.

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