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LinkedIn Headlines – 5 Ways to Do It Right for Business

linkedin headlines, linkedin marketing, linkedin optimizationLinkedIn is an important social media marketing tool for small businesses, yet most people make abundant mistakes on their profile, starting with the Professional LinkedIn Headline.  Learn how to capitalize on this headline for better online visibility and improved pull-through into your profile for business leads, partnership opportunities and sales.

The best optimized profile headlines on LinkedIn have these 5 elements:

Capitalize on Every Character

LinkedIn allows for 120 characters in the Headline edit field.  Most people don’t use half that.  140 characters should seem like a familiar figure.  It’s the same limitation of a Tweet.  When worded correctly, it’s enough to allow for a compelling statement.

Identify Your Specialty & Keywords

Your headline is called a headline for a reason.  It’s not a job title.  What do you do?  What are you an expert at?  Why would people want to connect with you or read further into your profile?  You must identify what it is you are great at.  That is your primary keyword phrase that you’ll use throughout your profile.  In most cases it should be something that is familiar enough that if will have meaning to people and in fact, is known enough that, for your specialty, people will keyword search on that phrase.

For instance, you may think it’s cute to list yourself as an artist of managed technology deliverables, but if the rest of the planet calls that a project manager, the headline is not the place to be clever, because the headline is the number one weighted element in the LinkedIn profile for keywords.

Target Your Customer

Who does business with you?  Identify it in your headline.  You are a Marketing Specialist for Accountants and Financial Service firms, not a Director of Marketing.

Display Customer Outcomes

…That generates qualified leads in shorter sales cycles, for the example above.  If you can get into your 140 characters what you can do for them, your remaining profile becomes a more inviting read.

3rd Party Reference

Now, this one I got from Kristina Jamarillo of Get LinkedIn Help on one of her teleconfernces.  If you have a history of credibility reference from the media or noted authorities, getting this in the headline draws immediate attention and positioning for you as a professional.

If you can get all 5 of these tidbits into your LinkedIn headline, you win a prize…AND a lot more profile visits and views.


OldDirector of Social Media

RevisedNY Times quoted Social Media Expert for Lawyers & Accountants, creating more leads at less cost using better LinkedIn and Facebook marketing

and another example…

My Profile HeadlineSkype Video Marketing Expert for Inc.com & LinkedIn Marketing Pro Who Gets White Collar Leaders on p1 of LinkedIn Search

Are you stuck on LinkedIn Marketing?  You may be interested in my standard LinkedIn Marketing packages on my Profile Optimization page, where you can make your profile the best it can be, engage and expand your network, and get to page 1 on LinkedIn search.  As a special promotion that I an running right now for those just getting their feet wet in LinkedIn, I am adding a straight LinkedIn profile Review and Analysis AND a Profile Creation/Rewrite that covers everything from your headline to your summary to your work experience and all points in between.  These are perfect solutions for the budget-conscious professional who wants to do it herself but just needs a little help on the content creation and you can order them right here.

Starter LIOS Profile Review

Profile Action 1: Complete review of your customer facing LinkedIn profile with a one-page written feeback analysis for improvement, including:

  • Headline – Rewrite suggestion for maximum impact.
  • Summary – What’s missing?  What should you focus on?  Tone, voice and copy suggestions.
  • Keywords – 3 keyword phrases you should be using that you aren’t.
  • Work Experience – Suggestions on bringing past work experience to life for today’s business needs.
  • Applications – What applications you should be using to drive traffic to your profile and keep people on-page.

Order the Starter LIOS Profile Review today for just $67.00 per profile. 1 You’ll be contacted with instructions on how to proceed.

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Silver LIOS Profile Creation

Profile Action 1: After executive interview, we’ll write and keyword optimize your story for the very best available text profile.  1 set of revisions after initial rewrite included, if needed.  Includes…

  • Headline – 2 revisions to choose from, optimized for your brand (even if it doesn’t exist yet).
  • Summary – Total create/rewrite to get more of what you want from visitors; 1 revision after submital.
  • Keyword Optimization -  3 keyword phrases optimized throughout profile.
  • Websites – Inclusion of websites, blogs, offsite articles (up to 3 allowed by LinkedIn).
  • Education – Optimized for current LinkedIn goals.
  • Application Recommendations – To make your LinkedIn profile POP, get noticed and get action.
  • Tricks – Optimize with little known LinkedIn tricks to improve profile for lead generation.
  • Page 1 Post-testing – Pre-testing and post-testing comparison shots to demonstrate your upward movement in LinkedIn search.

Order the Silver LIOS Profile Creation Package today for just $147.00 per profile. 1 You’ll be contacted with instructions on how to proceed.

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