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Leveraging Social Media Posts with Ping

Social Media has taken off and there is no looking back.  The big boys are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and for business professionals, LinkedIn.  Just 3 years ago MySpace was huge but in the world of Social Media, today’s star is tomorrow’s niche site when the next big thing comes along.  I happen to use the big 3 of Facebook, along with a business page, Twitter and LinkedIn, and that is enough for me to keep up with.  I wish there was a way to do this easy and save myself hours of time each week…Hmmmm….

Carpet Bombing SMM

As I am finding out and you likely are too, social media is all about establishing meaningful or at least functional relationships one person at a time.  One strategy to do that is to get your valuable content in front of as many people as possible via social media postings and then awaiting the few who comment.  Wahlah! Relationship begins.  If you had to do this on your own going into each account it would drive you to drink unhealthy amounts of things bad for your liver.

Ping.fm is a site that allows you to easily post to multiple sites.  Check out this instructional video clip to learn how it works and how to set it up.  It is a time saver for you in an attempt to slay the Social Media dragon.

If LinkedIn is part of your social media strategy, working it right and really getting results is time consuming and can be confusing.  Need help?  Click here.

What time savers have you found in order to engage in Social Media without going crazy?  Comment below or list your experiences with Ping.  I’ll broadcast them in another post.

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