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Link Popularity: 5 Top Tools to Assess How Good You Are

The business of search engine optimization happens to be tough. However, there are several survival kits, which can help you in playing safe in this tough world. Link building is considered as the most important element of SEO. It deals with linking two or more sites together simply to attract good amount of traffic and make the site popular among the target audience. If you know how to use these tools, you could end up getting some of the best outcomes for your website through good organic search rankings. In order to carry out this task effectively, you have several good online tools, which can help you in carrying out this task along with giving you the popularity of these sites. Here are five of the best online tools to check link popularity:

Majestic SEO

This online monitoring tool helps you to keep an eye over your own website domain along with your competitors’ sites. The Majestic SEO helps in scanning a number of elements to keep an eye over the popularity of your site via link building process. It helps in finding data pertaining to pages, redirects, referral domains, index, etc. along with the detailed reports of links and anchor text. You could schedule to get these reports either on daily or weekly basis as per your requirements.


This is another popular link tracking tool, which helps you in finding out a number of reports pertaining to links. The Buzzstream link building tool helps you a lot in your link building process along with managing links, giving out key suggestions, link detection and relationship management. This tracking tool helps in adding a number of new links opportunities seeking the help of several web browsers. You get the basic version for free, while later could upgrade to the premium option.

Raven tools

This tool could be called as a complete package of search engine optimization tools, which include giving you a competent link tracking option. It easily helps you in managing and maintaining the link data and status of your site. The Raven SEO tools are seen with special notification system, which will help you in finding out alerts in case you find any modification in the active links. This unique feature could be applied when you have some changes to be made in anchor text or at the page rank of your site.

Solo SEO

This tool is a perfect SEO management tool, which certainly include the feature of link building and management activities. It helps you in tracking and building a number of relevant inbound links to your sites the Solo SEO Link building tool also helps you in tracking a number of links and evaluates the links’ strengths and weaknesses. It comes with a free trial version, where you could check its usability, which make things simple in your upgrading decision.

Site Link Analyzer

This tool helps you in tracking a number of links and building up a communication with several other websites via links. It is seen using the link to calculate different page level with the domain level over the link count.

Final word

Your link building activities could be easily sorted out using the above tools. If you are looking out to build up a target audience via this process of link building consider these tools as worthy. Use these SEO tools to fuel your link building activities.

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