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Succeeding at Traditional Marketing: 3 Small Business Best Practices

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Many local companies and small businesses have found a great deal of success avoiding traditional advertising and embracing internet marketing and other modern techniques. These methods can allow organizations to find a great deal of success, but it is still important to remember that traditional advertising provides a number of benefits that other strategies cannot hope to achieve.

In particular, reaching customers must be a priority for companies that don’t have the resources that their larger competitors do. Consequently, small businesses can use their lack of size and limited geographic scope to their advantage and succeed in spite of their lack of large budgets. Consider the following techniques for reaching out to consumers and increasing brand awareness.

Print media and familiarity

A weakness of large corporations is that despite the money they may spend on market research, they can only focus on large demographic groups and traditional divisions among consumers. This makes it impossible to truly know anything about a community, which is no problem for small businesses that have been operating in an area for at least a few years.

Print media might be on decline when it comes to large and national audiences, but newspapers and local bulletins are thriving in many parts of the country. In addition to knowing which circulars and periodicals are the most popular in a town or neighborhood, small businesses can gain an appreciation for the non-commercial publications that have a great deal of visibility. Local bulletin boards, church newsletters and other non-traditional advertising venues often allow for donations or even advertising.

Mailing and knowledge

People receive coupon packages and other kinds of direct mail fairly often. In fact, the appearance of such things in one mailbox often no longer conjures thoughts of significant savings but of junk and garbage. This won’t be the case if these sorts of packages are freely given by local companies. Besides the geographic loyalty that customers may feel when they receive such mail, there will also be an appreciation for specificity of properly-sent discounts. Knowing one’s target audience makes creating sales events and coupons much easier.


Small businesses are limited by their lack of resources, but they have a card up their sleeves that can almost make up for this – the ability to collaborate with other businesses in the area. There is definite strength in numbers that is borne out if different companies decide to enter into agreements with other organizations to trade discounts and attract customers en masse. Advertise liberally when such alliances come to pass because it proves to consumers that companies are committed to knitting a community even more closely together.

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