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Video Marketing–Sizzle or Steak? Depends on the Video Type

video marketing, video content, video length, video qualityIf you’ve been reading my posts on web video and video marketing, you know that there are a lot of factors to consider when using video to promote your website, social media profile, and services at large.  You may have read this post on The Elite 8 about the best types of video promotion for small business.  This post will quickly take a look at the key things relative to video technical quality, video content and video length you need to know.

This info is short and to the point in table format to serve as a handy reference.

Video Length, Content, & Quality by Video Type

Video Type


Content Style

Technical Quality

Intro Commercial

30 sec to 3 min

promotional, focus on value to customer

sharp, crisp, hi-def

Product Demonstration

2 min to 8 min

Promotional/ instructional mix

Sharp, readable, hi-def not req’d but helps

Technical Capabilities

2 min to 10 min

Promotional/ instructional mix

Sharp, readable, hi-def not req’d but helps

Company Spotlight

2 min to 4 min

Educational / proud of company style

Viewable, medium def fine

Video Landing Page

Up to 30 min; usually 12 minute max

Promotional, focus on stuff for subscriber

Viewable, readable, medium def fine

Vlog / Instructional

7 min to 15 min

Informational, mild call to action at end

Viewable, readable, medium def fine

Testimonials / Case Studies

3 min max

Mildly promotional, genuine

Viewable, medium def fine, hi-def helps

Video Interviews

2-3 min promo

10+ min instructional/ Vlog

Informative, but loose and authentic (not script read)

Viewable, medium def fine, hi-def helps

General Video Guidelines

When making a video that is going to represent your business, error on the side of higher quality following the format in the table above.  You need enough sizzle to be perceived as professional.  However, NEVER let the sizzle overtake the steak.  Your viewer needs to be better off than she was before viewing the video when it is all said and done.  Provide some value that can be used even without buying your stuff, something that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge softly, not like a club over the noggin!  Besides a purely promotional short, all of the types of video should deliver something the viewer likely did not know before.  Even in a short, your web video marketing effort needs to entertain at a minimum and obviously help the viewer come to the understanding that he needs to check out what you’re offering.

All good blog posts are subject to debate, so go ahead and post your thoughts below.

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    This was really helpful for me, I’ve been trying to make a video like this, but just couldn’t figure out how to. Thanks, I’ll use this guide to it’s full potential.

  4. Alberto Schaff October 20, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    This was a pretty interesting post, I never noticed the amount of information they put into a different type of video and the amount of time they use so that the viewers wouldn’t be bored by them.

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