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YouTube Marketing for Small Business Buzz

All small businesses today require an online presence if they are going to survive on anything but walk in business, and event then, web presence is a defining proof source of the business legitimacy.  Those who want to expand their businesses online also know that video of any kind is generally a good thing for web pages.  It promotes stickiness or longer view time on site, provides value and entertains the viewer if it’s at all good, and is absolutely loved by the search engines online–Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the niche engines.

Using YouTube Video to Promote Your Business

No discussion of web video would be complete without mentioning the mother of all video outlets, YouTube. If you’re swimming with the seals off the coast of South Africa, you need to know about the sharks.  Well, suppose in your small business world, you could be the shark instead of the seal?  Take a look at the video below to learn how.

The video above was inspired by an article I read at marketingprofs.com about marketing on YouTube.  It lists numerous business examples of businesses that creatively and innovatively exploited YouTube to get viral and dramatically increase sales.

I talked about Executive Video Interviews on Skype for small business promotion, where in 30 minutes y0u can make a polished business interview video from your own office or home without any business interruption.  Find out how you can affordably develop branding videos for your business using this process, and take a look at the growing list of videos in our portfolio for happy clients.

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So how are you using YouTube or web video to drive sales to your small business?  Post your creativity below.  I’d love to hear your stories and include them in a future post or article.

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