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Virtual Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Collective Power without the Hassles

virtual mastermind, mastermind groups, masterminding, business masterminds, CEO networkIf you want to become a more effective, take-action leader who transforms your business leveraging the power and collective energy from a trusted board of advisors, you are likely considering a Mastermind Group.  You have a few options to get involved, such as…

  1. Start one myself – recruit members, set up agendas and rules, arrange destinations, invest in technology
  2. Join an Existing Mastermind Group or one forming elsewhere – pay for participation, but no headaches associated with recruitment and organization
  3. Do nothing – continue to rely on discipline for your learning, action steps and personal accountability; save energy and costs associated with ANY type Mastermind experience, LOSE THE BENEFITS OF MASTERMIND GROUPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS

An option we’ve developed falls into #2 above.  We have set up a framework and hosting system for Mastermind Group participation that is trouble free for the average small business owner or entrepreneur.  One of the things we have done to provide the incredible benefits to small businesses of Mastermind Group participation without the drawbacks associated with more traditional groups; namely participation costs and excessive time loss for meetings.  Introducing Virtual-Mastermind.com.  Virtual Mastermind is a service of Smart Company Growth to deliver the Mastermind experience affordably and make it easy to participate.

What is a Virtual Mastermind Group?

Simply put, it is a Mastermind Group where all participants meet virtually instead of face-to-face.  This provides tremendous flexibility for members, reduced overall time commitments as a result of travel, and the elimination of associated fuel and meal costs associated with meeting face-to-face.  We use the benefits of modern technology to allow members to “meet” virtually, online using video-conferencing and online meetings.  Without a doubt, with modern technology, it really is the next best thing to being there, totally eclipsing audio teleconferences in connection and engagement for all participants.  We have designed your Virtual Mastermind group to allow participation without any extraordinary technology required on behalf of members.
Monthly time commitments are split into bite-sized trips to your home or office PC (don’t wear your bathrobe, you’re on camera).  A typical month in the life of a Virtual Mastermind executive goes like this:

  • Mastermind Alliance group meetings (3 hours/month, 1 meeting or 2X90 minute as established in each alliance charter)
  •  1-2-1 Executive Coaching sessions (2 hours per month per member)
  • Educational Experiences (1 60-90 minute Webinar each month by Subject Matter Experts)

In addition, all group video-conferences are recorded and in the cloud for your later viewing.

How is Virtual Mastermind Organized?

Monthly meetings are on-task, with agendas prepared in advance by the facilitator based upon member survey responses.  These meetings are specific to covering group business such as establishing an initial charter and pairing accountability partners, or else group problem-solving and brainstorming on behalf of individual member company issues.  The group meetings are where we leverage the collective intelligence of the group toward solutions for individual executive and business problems.
Coaching sessions are targeted 1-2-1 experiences between facilitator and business executive, designed to further explore and solution issues addressed in the group environment, or more often to establish action plans and accountability metrics for each individual executive as appropriate month to month.  Often executives will develop a strong relationship with their coach and share more personal challenges in their 1-2-1s than would be comfortable before the alliance.  These sessions can be done over the phone, but again, we encourage Skype video chats for increased connection and results.
Each group will identify key issues that plague their business where education is required, and using group decision making processes will settle on desired learning opportunities.  Subjects can range from employee benefits to health care or environmental legislative impact to marketing to hiring and firing.  Your Virtual Mastermind facilitator will solicit and find educational opportunities to match those needs to serve up group-specific webinars as scheduled once per month.

How Do I Get Into a Virtual Mastermind Group from Virtual-Mastermind.com?

A virtual Mastermind Alliance is an affordable, low-barrier-to-entry, convenient and highly leveraged means of growing your small business.   At Virtual-Mastermind.com, we painstakingly developed the approach, technologies and tools to ensure success for your company, and quite frankly believe that our method is unrivaled worldwide to provide your highest value experience.
If you believe as we do that this might be for you and want to take the next step toward growing your small business, visithttp://www.virtual-mastermind.com/registration to learn how to get engaged now.

Listen, whether you get involved with a Virtual Mastermind group or seek a more traditional route of face-to-face hosted or home grown collaboration, I cannot stress enough that this is something you want to consider if you are growing your business and lack the perspective and collective intelligence that comes from a credible, 3rd party peer group of advisors.

Best of Success as You Grow Your Business!

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