Background / Brief Bio

Karl Walinskas, CEO of Smart Company Growth, has been published in periodicals like Selling Power, Executive Excellence, Professional Speaker, The Toastmaster the American City Business Journals, and dozens more.  He’s been a featured expert in and his Smart Blog for Small Business was just rated #12 of the 20 Best Small Business blogs on the Internet by Buyerzone.  Karl is a featured blogger on Vistage Exec Street, Business Know How, Site Pro News, SmallBizBeeand more.

He spent 22 years in small business and technology firms, usually serving the manufacturing industry.  During that period he also honed his professional speaking skills through Toastmasters International early on, winning multiple competitions, and later through Professional Membership in the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), an organization with exacting criteria for subject matter experts who excel in the spoken word.  Karl has given keynote presentations, learning breakout training sessions, and facilitated meetings for banks, manufacturing companies, and trade and professional organizations.  He has guest-hosted a motivational radio program, been interviewed for print and radio on multiple occasions, and served as an expert on body language and communications on regional news TV in Pennsylvania during the 2000 Presidential Debates.

Karl is a subject matter expert on business communications, both written and verbal, and in low and no-cost means of developing business using Web Video and LinkedIn, as well as the Power of Mastermind Groups for small business SMEs. He developed the consultative sales program Selling Solutions a decade ago and practices those techniques to close large sales today, and he is the author of Getting Connected Through Exceptional Leadership (Kallisti Publishing), a leadership tomb compiling ten of his numerous published columns and articles on Leadership. Either by reading this blog or Googling the Internet, you will find dozens of examples of Karl’s writing and humorous, sometimes irreverent, style to deliver a useful, hi-content message.

Business Content and Keynote Presentations

Karl has developed content on sales, leadership communications, customer service, and presentation skills for professionals over the years, and is currently steeped in using viral strategies and social media to develop business for Smart Company Growth and our clients.  He does not use a canned keynote presentation, and will customize content for your organization to deliver a winning, motivational and informative presentation for any business group.  A video keynote presentation is to your right and more recent video samples abound on this site and blog from Vlog interview posts.

Meeting Facilitation

Generally reserved for companies having quarterly sales meetings, board meetings, or Customer Network meetings, we will facilitate your critical business meetings on location (your site or remote location) or virtually using experience meeting facilitators (more often than not our CEO).  Small and mid-sized firms often engage professional facilitators as an investment in the success of their most important, strategic business meetings so that their executives can actively participate in solutions rather than the structure and dynamics of the meeting, a very different role.


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