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Targeted Announcements to Clients and Prospects

If you distribute press releases through a service like PRWeb, imagine how compelling it could be to include a brief video interview with additional information about your new product or service, technological breakthrough, recent executive new hire, alliance relationship, or other newsworthy events.

A SmartVu interview lets your market get the inside story, straight from you.
Viewers feel they get to know you personally, even though they have never met you.
The interview format helps them visualize what it would be like to be your client.

Get Started Today - Button OrangeThe Psychological “Triple Impact” of Video

Words have the power to persuade, inspire, and spur action.

Images have the power to trigger positive mental associations, linking a visual image to a specific idea.

The compelling sound of human speech completes this “triple impact,” delivering your message with power.

The SmartVu Video Interview process helps you craft your message for maximum impact.
The interview format enables your ideal prospects to hear the excitement in your voice as you deliver your news.
An interview is perceived as a highly-credible format for learning new information.

How a Video Interview Creates Emotional Engagement

An important axiom of sales is that people make buying decisions emotionally and justify those decisions intellectually, not the other way around.

Here are a few strategies for generating an emotional connection:

Contradict conventional wisdom, to let your readers know you offer a fresh perspective.
Demonstrate empathy with the target audience, to create a bond and sense of shared community.
Inspire your target audience to take action to resolve a thorny problem.

How the Video Interview Format Creates “Buzz”

To spread the word about your news, you need to get people to talk about you. Since people are more likely to repeat what they hear, an interview is the ideal format for creating buzz.

Your interview will be peppered with quotable phrases and headline-like announcements both from you and from the interviewer. This makes your message newsworthy and sharable.

Get Started Today - Button OrangePlanning Content in Advance

Great interviews don’t just happen; they require skillful preparation.

Your SmartVu video interview includes a laser-focused brainstorming session with your interviewer, during which he will guide you through a structured process to develop your compelling story.

Think for a moment of how a prominent political leader prepares for a press conference. Their messages are brainstormed and crafted in advance for maximum impact. Your business deserves no less.

Proper planning enables you to:

Stay “on message” so viewers receive the most favorable version of your value message in the shortest period of time.
Demonstrate that your Unique Promise of Value (UPV) represents a fresh point of view.
Explain and resolve a controversial issue, to prove your command of your subject matter.

The SmartVu Process

  1. We’ll schedule you for an initial SmartVu video planning phone conference at a convenient time. During this session, the interviewer will guide you through a set of questions designed to elicit your marketing story.
  2. From your answers, we’ll generate a series of questions to ask during your video interview. You will receive a list of these questions, along with recommendations about points to emphasize.
  3. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to tweak the questions and answers for maximum impact. Our goal is to make sure the final version is a compelling marketing story.
  4. You’ll receive our handy guide: Video Interview Requirements Checklist to help you prepare for the day of your interview. We’ll also be available to walk you through the technology required for your video interview, primarily a Skype account.
  5. On the day of the interview, we’ll record your video interviewyou from the comfort of your office, the interviewer from his. Your final interview product will contain a mix of the three perspectives as appropriate: you alone, your interviewer alone, and both of you side-by-side.
  6. Don’t worry if your fumble or stumble. Your SmartVu Interview includes editing services. If need be, we can re-record your answer to a question and splice it into the right spot.
  7. The final step is to make your video interview “live” on the Web using a free service like Youtube or a low-cost video hosting service.

Smart Company Growth offers fast, easy, convenient, and completely virtual Skype interviews which can be placed on a website, blog and YouTube. He is an extremely professional interviewer, delivering well prepared, cyber space interviews resulting in a professional Skype recording which can be utilized for a variety of marketing purposes. For authors wishing to extend their reach and increase their web based content, I’d strongly recommend a web interview with SmartCompanyGrowth.”

~ Alan Blume, CEO, StartUpSelling, Inc.

Get Started Today - Button OrangeHow to Use Your Video Interview to Promote Sales

In addition to natural traffic to Youtube or your hosting service, you’ll want to publicize your video interview on the web. If you’re not on social media yet, now is a great time to get started.

Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites make it easy for you to display your video interview along with your profile.
Twitter makes it easy to link to your video interview from any tweet.
Public blogs often allow you to include a link with your comments, a link that can lead to your video.
Include the link in the signature line of your emails.

You get the idea. Post your video interview or a link to your video interview everywhere possible.

How to Get Started

We’ve made it easy and completely risk-free for you to get started.

Step 1: Plan Your SmartVu Video Interview

The package entitles you to the entire planning process, including:

SmartVu Video Planning Session by phone
Written Video Interview plan, including all questions
Written recommendations for how to formulate the answers
SmartVu Video Interview Requirements Checklist

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

At the end of the process, if you decide within 30 days that a SmartVu Video Interview is not right for you, we’ll refund your entire payment. No hassle. No questions asked. Just a full refund of every penny you’ve paid.

We provide this ironclad guarantee of satisfaction because we’re going to do everything possible to help you enjoy making your video interview and make sure you absolutely love the finished product. But a guarantee is a guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll promptly refund your money.

Step 2: Choose a SmartVu Video Interview Package

In order to get started, choose from among the 4 options listed below to begin the video interview process. Click any of these options to go to our Contact Form. Select SmartVu Video Interviews as the Category and simply note which option, or special needs, in the Comments field, and we’ll connect with you to get started.

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2-3 Min Video Short
  • Just $175.00!
  • HD video add $25.00
5 Min Informative
  • Just $275.00!
  • HD video add $35.00
10-12 Min Extended
  • Just $375.00!
  • HD video add $50.00
5-Pack of Video Shorts
  • Just $650.00!
  • HD on all videos add $100

Step 3: Schedule Your SmartVu Video Interview

Once you purchase the SmartVu Video Interview Package of your choice, we’ll go forward with:

Live recording session to capture your compelling story
Editing and formatting to produce the final video
Installation on YouTube or video hosting service

I did a SmartVu Executive Video Interview with Smart Company Growth to talk about my marketing agency and its uniqueness.  The process was simple, affordable, and professionally done in a business casual setting, not scripted and phony.  Now I have an authentic video interview that I am marketing virally.  Karl even helped me put it up on my LinkedIn page to optimize it, something else that his company does very well.  I encourage any marketer out there to tap into the search engine optimization of adding video. I am telling all of my clients about this great way to put a personality to a company. And I really like Karl’s natural and honest style as the interviewer. After all at the end of the day people do business with people.

~ Adair Witmer, Principal, The W-Partners

It Sounds Great, But What About . . .

Sometimes a few questions come up, so let’s get them out of the way now.

Question: Will the video interview be studio-quality?

Answer: Studio recordings can look a little too “slick” for this type of interview. Web users feel more comfortable with a less formal look, more authentic look. The goal is for the viewer to feel as if he is sitting in your office, having a personal chat with you.

Question: What if I say something that comes out wrong?

Answer: No problem. We’ll remove it during editing.

Question: What if I don’t like the finished product?

Answer: The second phase of production includes the same money-back guarantee. If you’re not delighted with the finished product, we will refund your money. We take our commitment to quality seriously and want to create satisfied customers only. We are able to make this bold guarantee because we are going to do everything possible to make sure you absolutely love your video interview product.

Question: What is the total investment of my time?

Answer: We know you’re busy, so we use an efficient process to protect your valuable time. Our part in the initial planning session is about half-an-hour, more if you need it. The “live interview” takes another half-an-hour or so. In between, we’ll handle review and approvals with emails or quick phone calls, according to your preference.

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Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange


At the end of the process, if you decide within 30 days that a SmartVu Video Interview is not right for you, we’ll refund your entire payment. No hassle. No questions asked. Just a full refund of every penny you’ve paid.

PS, These promotional prices won’t last forever. Lock in today’s low price.

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