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LeBron James has a coach to help him become a better basketball player.  Peyton Manning, often called a coach on the field, still has his own set of coaches to help him set new NFL records.  Even Tiger Woods, when he was dominant and winning major tournaments, has a coach.

Your sales team may not be the tops in their fields like these athletes, or they might, but seasoned, third party perspective will open up blind spots in their performance and make them better.  That makes you as a business owner more money.

As part of our Sales Management program, Sales Coaching helps your sales team perform at a higher level by…

  • Holding each sales person accountable to pre-defined targets and quotas, and ensuring they are positioned in the best possible way to attain success,
  • Helping with motivation and performance via private, one-on-one telephone and Skype sessions that establish goals, review history, change tactics and keep on task,
  • Training each sales person via on-site or virtual Consultative Sales Training in new methods of prospecting, discovery, presenting , and closing (including negotiating skills), and
  • Ride alongs (where geographically feasible), in-call conferencing during presentations and discovery meetings, post-call reviews and pre-call plans.

The Smart Company Growth Sales Coaching process is an economical and fiscally controllable means of making your existing sales team better that leads to bottom-line results.