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This is the tactical space where the rubber really meets the road.  It’s amazing how many otherwise sane and intelligent company CEOs think that the sales process is hiring the gal with the biggest Rolodex, or in today’s terms, the largest number of LinkedIn connections.  The new Business Development Rep blows in the corporate ear and gets hired, and proceeds to (if you’re lucky) get an early series of meetings with their impressive network of friends.  The CEO feels that if he can only get in front of people, his relationship skills are so fantastic and the product so obviously valuable that sales will just start happening.  There is a lot of motion and high-fiving in sales meetings, but few if any of these relationships close.  The CEO becomes integral to obtaining new business and lacks the capacity to personally capitalize on any real opportunities that may have come about.  The new shiny object loses its luster, and the BD person is let go.  On to the next step.  Hire a new person with a different list of contacts.

Rinse – wash –repeat.

There is nothing wrong with a large network.  To the contrary, it is essential to developing sales opportunities, but it isn’t a sales process.

The Science of Sales

Selling truly is all about relationships.  The trick is, how do you establish a scalable, repeatable process for creating and nurturing as many of those relationships as possible in the quickest time available and shorten the time for money to come in the door.

At Smart Company Growth, we’ll act as your de facto Sales Manager and help you with all phases of the Sales Process, defining and re-defining where necessary.

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