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3 Top Small Business Habits to Thrive

business habits for success, success habitsBusinesses don’t run themselves. You have to take measured steps to keep the money flowing into your bank account. You already have a website up and running, all the gadgets and gizmos installed on your site to take payments from customers, and all you need now is something to guarantee your survival in the jungle that is the Internet. Users are getting smarter by the minute. The glitz and glam of social media is starting to wear thin. What you need are habits and strategies that are timeless.

Keep Your Website Current

There’s almost nothing worse than a stale website. Keep your copyright notice current, content current, and make sure you’re regularly updating the homepage with relevant and useful information for your target audience. For example, if you sell contact lenses, one thing you might want to consider is updating the homepage with special discount coupons for free shipping or brands during certain times of the year.

Perhaps you have a deal with one of your suppliers that allows you to heavily discount inventory in the fall. Push that discount to the front page so that people see it. Your users shouldn’t have to hunt for your best price (or product).

If you have a blog, try to keep it updated. This can be difficult if you’re the only one writing or if your industry only sees major updates once per quarter or something. With that said, you should aim to update the blog no less than once per month. Many blog owners do weekly, and even daily, updates.

Form Alliances With Successful Bloggers and Companies

You’re not an island unto yourself. You have competitors out there. You also have potential friends. Try to hunt down another successful company or blogger in a non-competitive, but complimentary, industry or niche.

For example, if you’re in the life insurance industry, it might help if you hook up with a good property and casualty broker. Why? Because that person can become part of your referral network. You can’t sell your clients homeowner’s insurance – and he can’t sell his clients life insurance. You can refer prospects to each other.

Plus, if he’s already successful in his business, he may be able to give your business a boost – sharing marketing strategies that worked well for him. There’s little fear that you’ll steal his business, and there’s a lot of upside to having a broker in a related field working with you.

Focus On Marketing

At the end of the day, it’s largely about your marketing efforts. While everyone is chasing social media, you should focus your efforts on direct marketing. It’s worked for over 100 years, and it works exceedingly well online.

Pay-per-click platforms, advertorials, and even press releases can be important sources of traffic. There’s so much out there on how to conduct a direct marketing campaign that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get up and running within a day or two. Results are near-instant if you’re using a real-time platform like Google Adwords, and the types of headlines that have worked for the last 10 years typically continue to work today.

About the Author

Guy Asher is a business website and marketing consultant. His articles mainly focus on businesses surpassing stumbling blocks in their processes.

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