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Economic Recovery or Not?

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If you read the conventional wisdom in the newspapers and look on most of the traditional media sources, you know that we’re in the midst of an economic recovery, however slow.  The stock market hit record highs in 2012, although many would say that government money printing from the Federal Reserve has created that artificial bubble.

But this isn’t the world of the small and mid-sized business owner, the guys and gals who deal with real customers, real suppliers, and face every day the challenge of selling their goods and services profitably above costs.

Whether it’s rising costs pressuring your margins, extra time at the office, or sales channels that seem to have stagnated or dried up, perceptions vary as to just how REAL this recovery is.

So I’d like you to weigh in on how your business is doing as we get started in 2014.  Let your voice be heard on just how well you’re doing in the following survey (results to be shared later), and feel free to comment specific to your observations below.

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If you’re in tech and your sales are flatlining or you’re just getting the business going and need to get some early sales splash, check out the Sales Solutions and BizDev Tools on this site.  You just might get some ideas.

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