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Event Planning to Succeed

event planning, event plan, successful event planEver had one of your events fall flat on its face?  Not only is it not any fun, but it is usually costly and can kill your reputation.  No matter the type of your upcoming event, whether it be a business conference, wedding, a trade show or a family birthday party, you must ensure that you plan the event thoroughly, so that it exceeds your expectations.  As Winston Churchill once said, “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail”.  Follow these 5 steps for any event to develop a winning plan.

Lay Out Your Objectives

The objectives of your event should be clearly highlighted before anything takes place. In other words, what do you want to get from the event? Objectives should be identified at the beginning of the event plan for a clear reason; so that you are completely aware of the direction of the event. If you do not understand the objectives of the event, you may be wasting your time as, the purpose of the event should always be clear!

Staff Your Event Right

Have you considered personnel? More so for larger events, personnel is an element of an event that shouldn’t be cast aside. If you are uncertain on what “personnel” denotes, in essence, personnel are the people or staff that are involved in the running of the event. They are a vital element towards the event success. Therefore you must clearly list your personnel, indicating whether you have employed them internally or externally. Examples of personnel can include: Caterers, electricians, logistics, designers etc.

Location Location Location

Do you know the location of your event? When you think of location, do you immediately think about the looks of the location? If you are one of those people, you need to think outside of the box when location is concerned. Such factors like capacity limitations need to be accounted for. If you disregard capacity, you might have a horrible surprise come the day of your event when you can’t allocate for all of your guests. Criteria such as car parking are often overlooked. You must be able to supply the same amount of car parking spaces to the same amount of invited guests. Most guests will travel by car, some won’t, but you need to ensure that you are prepared just incase in the unrealistic scenario that all of your guests have traveled by car.

Communicating Changes

In addition to the location, you must keep an up-to-date list of who from your invited guests is attending and who isn’t. If you don’t keep track of attendees, then you will be very surprised come the day of your event, and the attendance is a lot lower than expected. More often than not, some criteria from the event will change between the time you have invited your guests and the day of the event. Therefore, ensure that your attending guests are regularly updated on any changing event news and contact information etc. It will be encouraging for them to know that you and your team are available to help with pre-event inquiries.

Have you decided the marketing aspects of your event? Which marketing methods you will be using to increase awareness of your event or boost ticket sales. There are many conventional and unconventional methods of marketing your event, such as through print advertising, radio, your website, blogs, social media and pay-per-click advertising; each method proving very effective depending on the nature of the event.

Know Your Budget

Ultimately, budgeting your event is crucial. To determine your event budget, you will need to detail all of the costs and expenses for producing and marketing the event. If the objective of your event is to turn a profit, then as the event budget, you must be able to recover production, marketing and operating costs and still make a margin.  Managing your cash flow and creating an event budget is a task done prior to the event, during the event and then post-event.

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