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Repurposing Content: Leveraging Your Ideas, Copy & Media to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is one critical way that you can expand your online bulls eye on the Internet through your website and social media properties.  If you’ve kept pace with what Google is looking for, you know that it is fresh, meaningful content to provide the best possible results for information seekers.  If you’ve been blogging or using some other kind of media to bring your content to life, you also know how tough it can be to “create” content from thin air.  Writer’s block doesn’t begin to capture the challenge in an online world where business owners need to be producing more great information several times a week if not daily in order to keep relevant.  Keep reading to learn to leverage the great material you do have and repurpose it through packaging, media formats, and outlets to expand your reach and develop more business leads than ever. Read More…

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Expert Positioning with Kick-Butt Content: The 6-Step System

written content, content marketingBusiness is pretty competitive these days, whether you’re a professional speaker, a lawyer or a software company.  What are you doing to get noticed by meeting planners, industry leaders and your clients?  Making tons of cold calls and broadcasting FAXes all over the world?  Buying email lists to total strangers?  Puhleeze!  The secret word is positioning.  I consult 90% of the time and only speak 10% of the time for my daily bread, so I have no time to cold call and plead with meeting planners or worse, total strangers from a call sheet.  I position myself as a subject-matter expert through articles and blog posts that I write to create business opportunities coming at me, and so can you.

Follow this 6-Step System to expert positioning with words: Read More…

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Make Your Content Relevant & Blow Up Your SEO

Adwords Keyword Tool, relevant content, seo writingContent is King

As a small business owner or entrepreneur trying to expand your online target and get noticed, I’m sure you are aware of the importance of new, fresh, recurring content on your website of all types.  When it comes to written content on page copy or blogs and articles, you need to be able to write well, inform and entertain, that’s a given.  That’s for your audience.  But if you can’t write as well for Google and the other search engines to optimize your content for Search Engine Marketing, you are the proverbial tree in the forest that falls when no one else is around.  This post provides an often talked about yet misunderstood tool to help you make your content relevant and explode your SEO online.

Read More…

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Submit Your Article: Review of Top Article Marketing Service

Search Engine Marketing via Article Distribution

Many small businesses know that one way to increase the odds for a ton of website traffic is to advertise using Google Adwords campaigns or another similar service.  A less costly, more rewarding albeit more time consuming practice is article marketing.  For short term results, use Adwords.  For long term results, couple it with article marketing.  Why?  Because Google and the Internet never sleeps, and hardly ever destroys content.  Articles of valuable content have a way of lasting forever.  I know.   Some of my stuff has been around more than a decade on the same websites.  I had to contact the site owners to change my tagline becuase I had moved.  The Business Know How forum, formerly of AOL fame, comes to mind.  What I didn’t know back then was how to leverage my content so it would be syndicated everywhere.  I submitted to just a few sites and while that helped, pebble in the ocean folks.  How could I make a splash? Read More…

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How An Article Writing Service Can Add to Website Traffic

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Now that you’ve got your website ready to go, as a website owner you will eventually come to the startling bottom line that you require one last thing so that you can succeed: web site traffic! Producing a website that doesn’t get any traffic is just like creating an expensive billboard and, as opposed to positioning it alongside an active highway, you hide it within your cellar where no person can see it. Read More…

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