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5 Key Ingredients for Exceptional Business Mastermind Groups

mastermind group symbol, many mindsOne would think that the collective intelligence of a group of peers should always yield superior results, but we all know this isn’t the case.  Besides Congress, an easy target, dysfunctional groups abound.  The NFL in 2011 almost torpedoed the greatest sports cash cow this country has ever seen.  Simply assembling a group of individuals is NOT a recipe for Mastermind Group success.

So what are the key ingredients for Mastermind Alliances to become exceptional? Read More…

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Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Talent and Intelligence for Small Business

virtual mastermind, mastermind group, masterminding, business mastermindMastermind Groups, a term originally coined as a phrase by Napoleon Hill in the early 20th Century in his classic business and motivation tomb Think and Grow Rich, have been used successfully by top business leaders for the past seventy years.  Perhaps you’ve considered engaging a Mastermind Group to increase the effectiveness of your small business, and wondered just what this mysterious term means and what you could expect if you were part of such a group.
A sound definition of a Mastermind Group is as follows:

Any organized group of like-minded peers united by a common purpose who communicate, learn, and grow in the process of achieving that purpose.

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