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Virtual Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Collective Power without the Hassles

virtual mastermind, mastermind groups, masterminding, business masterminds, CEO networkIf you want to become a more effective, take-action leader who transforms your business leveraging the power and collective energy from a trusted board of advisors, you are likely considering a Mastermind Group.  You have a few options to get involved, such as…

  1. Start one myself – recruit members, set up agendas and rules, arrange destinations, invest in technology
  2. Join an Existing Mastermind Group or one forming elsewhere – pay for participation, but no headaches associated with recruitment and organization
  3. Do nothing – continue to rely on discipline for your learning, action steps and personal accountability; save energy and costs associated with ANY type Mastermind experience, LOSE THE BENEFITS OF MASTERMIND GROUPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS Read More…
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