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Economic Recovery or Not?

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If you read the conventional wisdom in the newspapers and look on most of the traditional media sources, you know that we’re in the midst of an economic recovery, however slow.  The stock market hit record highs in 2012, although many would say that government money printing from the Federal Reserve has created that artificial bubble.

But this isn’t the world of the small and mid-sized business owner, the guys and gals who deal with real customers, real suppliers, and face every day the challenge of selling their goods and services profitably above costs.

Whether it’s rising costs pressuring your margins, extra time at the office, or sales channels that seem to have stagnated or dried up, perceptions vary as to just how REAL this recovery is. Read More…

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Financing Your Startup: Four Cash Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Startup Cash, Startup FinancingWhen planning how to finance your startup, several options will make the list, and each is laced with a risk versus reward challenge.  How you finance your startup will depend on several factors such as business partners, cash on hand and collateral.  When financing a business it is important to measure that risk for each option.  Here are four ways to finance your startup and find entrepreneurial cash. Read More…

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Five Myths About Using Factoring to Raise Business Cash

Whether your business is in a cash crunch, you need funds for expansion or you simply want to get paid for your goods and services sooner rather than later, factoring, or invoice financing, can be a viable method of receiving much-needed funds. By selling the invoices that have payments due, you can access cash immediately and reduce the stress of having to wait for your customers to pay.  Factoring does come with some common misconceptions or myths.  Let’s take a look at each to discover if factoring makes sense for your business. Read More…

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Small Business Cash: 3 Ways to Serve the King

For entrepreneurs starting a new business and seasoned veterans alike, sales feed the business, but sales without cash flow is like bread without water.  Sooner or later the business will dry out and die.  It’s cash that feeds the internal organs of the business that make it go.  Managing your business finances is one of the most important aspects of running a business.  It may be why you spend a boatload of time keeping track of your cash flow, balance, and income statements.  When managing your business finances, cash flow is a paramount metric, especially for start-ups.  Managing your finances will never be easy, but you may be able to make it easier on yourself. Read More…

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Leasing vs. Buying Business Equipment

Does it make more sense to lease business equipment or buy business equipment?  As we slowly and tentatively ease into what the talking heads on TV are calling an economic recovery, you may be thinking about upgrading that outdated processing equipment and getting a new machine that’s better and faster.  Perhaps you even see your backlog increasing again and you’re realizing you have ridden your existing capacity until the wheels are falling off, and if you want to grow the business, you need some equipment.  It might be wet process equipment, machine shop stuff, forklifts or new PCs for the office, and depending on what it is, your situation and plans, there are a several options to consider so that you can put the equipment in place and start using it, immediately.

Leasing equipment is generally a better option for manufacturers who have limited out-of-pocket capital and where business needs require upgrading equipment every few years.  Read More…

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