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Cloud Computing for Small Business: Is It Right for You?

cloud computing, business cloud computingCompanies are switching away from traditional IT departments in vast numbers. Instead, many of these small and medium-sized businesses are transferring the management of their computer systems and networks to the cloud. Cloud service providers can take care of everything from running your network to providing your employees with the highest-quality software available.

However, cloud computing is not right for all businesses and you should put careful thought into the matter before making a drastic change in your tech policy. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not cloud computing is right for your business: Read More…

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Virtual Mastermind Groups: Leveraging Collective Power without the Hassles

virtual mastermind, mastermind groups, masterminding, business masterminds, CEO networkIf you want to become a more effective, take-action leader who transforms your business leveraging the power and collective energy from a trusted board of advisors, you are likely considering a Mastermind Group.  You have a few options to get involved, such as…

  1. Start one myself – recruit members, set up agendas and rules, arrange destinations, invest in technology
  2. Join an Existing Mastermind Group or one forming elsewhere – pay for participation, but no headaches associated with recruitment and organization
  3. Do nothing – continue to rely on discipline for your learning, action steps and personal accountability; save energy and costs associated with ANY type Mastermind experience, LOSE THE BENEFITS OF MASTERMIND GROUPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS Read More…
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Leading From a Distance: Best Practices of Leaders in the Cloud

This is the second in a series of pieces I am doing on virtual collaboration and trends for CEOs, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  It looks at best practices for virtual video-conferencing technology and the techniques for keeping people engaged using tools from the cloud.  Today’s Vlog interview is with Phil Montero, president of Montero Consulting and founder of YouCanWorkFromAnywhere.com and http://www.TheAnywhereOffice.com.  Phil is a business partner and friend and happens to be one of the world’s best gurus when working with small and mid-sized business leaders to set up the technology, training and tools for working leading from afar.

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