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The Expectations Game

Did you ever take on an assignment at work, or try to implement something at your company, that sounded so good—but turned out so wrong?  I mean, you did everything you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it, and the boss–or the employees–or the client—was still dissatisfied.  I have.  In fact, I just came from a meeting with a client who will probably cancel a project that’s only halfway complete.   It was painful.  I walked into the meeting room and ten or twelve people, hands folded and heads in their chests, stared mutely ahead as if the methadone clinic had just made an office visit, while I was figuratively toe-tagged and put on a slab.  I squirmed for an hour and a half while I heard how the software template that took me a year of work didn’t hold any value for the company.  To me those words sounded like Captain Quint’s fingernails scraping across the chalk board at the town hall meeting; “Aye.  You gotta shark out there…a big one” ringing in my ears.  Three weeks earlier I thought everything was hunky-dory.  I realized then that I had lost the expectations game–mine, and theirs. Read More…

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