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Your Virtual Success: Finding Profitability in an Online World

The New American Business

The way we work in America is changing dramatically.  Virtual business, remote work, telework, distributed work, virtual staff like executive assistants, and leading virtual teams are all the rage for a variety of reasons.  Economics of lower-priced overseas competition, renewed US focus on quality of life, and simply the improved effectiveness of a virtual business model drive the shift.

Author of Your Virtual Success: Finding Profitability in an Online World Alan Blume believes that virtual work is transforming the very nature of cities and urban centers.  As more business is done from remote locations, cities are rapidly becoming cultural centers steeped more in entertainment that business.  There is simply little need to be “at the office” like we used to.  Take a look at the downward spiral in commercial office space real estate in recent years and you’ll see what I mean.  Companies who don’t adapt won’t be able to attract the best talent, maintain a financial edge, and may soon end up like Blockbuster Video as Alan describes it.

Executive Video Interview

Enjoy the two videos below where I interview Alan Blume about the changing nature of business today, the benefits of the Virtual Lifestyle, and the best ways to locate and hire virtual, outsourced staff to help operate your virtual business.

Read on to the bottom of this post to learn about a book giveaway that the author has agreed to for Smart Blog readers and viewers!

What’s so cool about a virtual business?

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Telework & Virtual Teams Strategy (pt. 1 of 2)

This week’s blog post begins the video blog series of interviews with noted authorities, in this case, virtual work, distributed teams and succeeding in the endeavor.  Joining me to discuss Telework and Virtual Teams Strategy is Phil Montero of Montero Consulting (www.youcanworkfromanywhere.com) who has made a career for the past decade plus of enabling companies and individuals to move into the new work environment of working virtually.

Video Interview

Check out the video interview below with Phil.  In part 2 of this interview and next blog post, you’ll learn another mission critical element that, in many cases, doesn’t occur in geographically proximate work environments (like under the same roof).  If it’s missing in virtual environments, you can kiss success goodbye!

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